shame - Stealth Products

ordered new chain and sprockets from them at the MCN Bike show, took 10 days to deliver but was in no rush

then fitted the chain a month later, went to tighten it and… they’d sent me the wrong chain!! despite writing down my exact bike model and year they sent me a chain that was too long - only i only realised once id fastened it and tried to tighten it! stupidly assumed it would be right as they took all the right details (haynes book says 108 they sent a 110 - said it would be the right chain for my bike when i ordered it)

at this point the bike was in my garage with the wrong size chain on and id already given back the chain splitter id borrowed to break the old chain a couple of days before and used the soft link they provided! so i phoned them up and they promised they would send the correct chain asap - never turned up

cost me 3 days of not being able to ride, a lot of driving backwards and forwards buying a chain splitter, new soft links, borrowing a dremel, worrying about taking links out of a chain as id never done it before and faff taking the chain off to get it measured for a soft link and take the links out!

still have never heard from them and this was 3 weeks ago - so they lied at the show, didnt check what they were sending, slow to deliver in the first place and lied when they promised me faithfully they were sending a new chain out that was the right length - poor show!

i would have thought that was your mistake.

didnt you see was too long and to take 2 links out or summat?

better to have too many links than not enough,:smiley:

Heres a chance to whack on a +3 rear sprocket;):cool:

def sounds like bad service on their part

I thought all chains came too long and you remove links yourself to make it fit, just in case you had changed sprocket sizes ? :slight_smile:

Sounds familiar !