Shame - South London Motorcycles - Tooting

I went for a test ride today - looking for a winter hack. There was a CB500 at this dealer - looked nice in the pics.

Asked around as the location of this dealer is the same as a previous dealer with a poor rep

so I was wary about it and the more I asked the more wary I became.

However I thought new company (of course it’s possible it’sjust the same people…) so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Bike looked okay in the shop - nothing hanging off - although maybe a bit to clean for the year but otherwise okay.

Organised a test ride but only had 20 minutes as “he was closing early” - took the back roads (luckily) and 5 mins into the ride the front brake calliper came loose - very loose in fact as it fell off as I came to a stop - luckily I was stopping as I’d felt / heard the noises. The bolts had not been done up properly.

Luckily I was on a quiet road and I was taking it easy.

The shop sent someone out and were very sorry -“This as never happened before” blah blah blah…but the point is it shouldn’t happen at all! this is basic stuff…

So if you’re test riding a bike from these guys make sure they bolt things back together before you take a bike out…


This dealer should not be confused with a BMW dealer with a similar name

Did you check all the zeros were present before riding off? :smiley:

I can’t see you on a ped at your age Patrick;):smiley:

I think you boys should go to specsavers - there’s no typos on here…:Whistling:

I knew I should have quoted you;):smiley:

I would have changed that too mate to be honest… :slight_smile:

Don’t worry Chunky, we all read it before he changed it:)

Better luck next time mate…

However despite the shock of stealth editing the real shock here is finding the brake calliper loose on a bike you’re test riding…

Not good.

You aint wrong there mate. I bet you wish you’d gone with your first instinct.

Yes that’s the truth!

you should have put the bike on its side next to a bush then took a running jump into said bush and sprawled out, phone them saying there is a problem and you’ve had an off…free bike or legal action! :smiley:

You were very lucky. Think of someone who might have been looking at the bike as perhaps as a first bike and might not have realised the problem before it was too late. There’s no excuse for such poor standards.

Too right…That’s a completely callous operation they’re running, and one I’ll never grace with my presence.

Not good, hope they take it seriously and make sure it doesnt happen again.

Besides, I thought you had a winter hack - you know the one you took to Russia:D:D

That’s right Patrick, what on earth were you doing on a CB500 :wink:

You were right, different name, same people, shocking service, I’m really glad you’re OK hon, and hope they get even less business than what they’re getting now!

Afro’s right, they probably get some poor unsuspecting novice who has no idea where to look, who to ask!

Hope they close down once and for all!

I asked myself that same question - maybe it was a chance to relive my learner days…


total bunch of twats there imho. i was speaking to a guy that baught a zx6r from them and has had nothing but problems with it!!!