SHAME - SatNavEasy

So the Saga…

2nd May I ordered a Scala Rider (New) Q2 Multiset Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Handsfree Headset from their Amazon store at a great price of £250.

48hrs later and a parcel arrives with the wrong set in it.
Annoyed - I rang and they told me to send it back and they’d dispatch the correct one.

Begrudgingly - I sent it back next day delivery - hoping to receive the correct one by the weekend.

Fri - I get a call saying sorry, they’re out of stock. pointed out that their website said they have 6 in stock. They told me it was an error, and stock should be 1 - 2 weeks.

Today - I get a voicemail saying that they’re refunding the money as they not allowed to hold onto it. And to call them If I have any questions.

All seems OK except I had a friend call them this morning and they do indeed have them in stock.

Now their phone is engaged.


It still may not be in stock if their ordering system is not very sophisticated. You got a refund which was something I guess.

I got bad customer service from them when a Garmin Nuvi 350 I bought broke very soon after buying it.

Shan’t be dealing with them again.

Apparently it was a common fault with the model (Sneaky has had the same I believe) which I managed to fix by myself using a YT video on how to open it, a piece of card and some superglue.

Not many people realise this, but I am pretty sure you can invoke s36 of the SOGA so that you don’t have to return goods, since it would cost you money.

Next time point out that if they want the goods they will have to arrange for collection, however, you are rejecting the goods and would therefore like your remedy in law, which is a full refund.

They will likely arrange for pick up, which saves you the postage, it is minor, but why should you pay for their mistake?

Basically, yea!

My understanding is that if you take that approach you have to take care to ensure that collection is available. It is no good always being out when they call. Both parties are required to act reasonably in facilitating the collection.