Shame - Royal Gardens Hotel Kensington

They want to charge me £23 to park a bike for the day while I attend a conference.

Try googling website London Parking - has sites of all the bike parking places.
Screw those charges!!

If you go to the corner where Shellys shoes shop is walk up the street toward the fire station, you’ll see a few bikes parked on the pavement. There’s always usually an armed police guard there. Should be safe enough and free. Failing that there’s a bay on a street opposite.

Ah my neck of the woods!

Ride along Kenington H.Street and past the RG Hotel. Then turn right into Kensington Court and there is a solo bike bay right on the corner. Failing this there is another bay behind McDonalds next K&C town hall in Phillimore Walk.

I got a nice £100 ticket when I parked there once!

i went to a conference at the crown plaza and they paid for our parking, is work not paying for yours?

Yeah, but with a tag like “Chelsea Fan” they know you’re minted, so course they’re gonna charge you the earth…

Just kidding mate.