Shame - Rex Judd

I’m sooooooooooo p*ssed off. I went into Rex Judd (West Hampstead) at the end of the day on Saturday and saw a Yamaha Thundercat. I had decided this is the bike I wanted as I can’t afford an R6 yet, and it will be my first bike. I tell the sales guy I’d like to take it and I immediately put down a deposit of more than 10% to secure it.

I get a voice messge on Monday from the sales guy saying finance could take a few days to sort out. He also said he would be off on Tuesady but not to worry and that he would call me Wednesday. Wednesday comes and he calls me to tell me he couldn’t get the finance for me, I tell him I still want the bike and I will sort the money out myself. I call back less than 2 hours later to tell him I had sorted the money out and he says one of his colleagues in their Edgeware branch has sold it!!!

I was of the understanding that if you put a deposit on something it is no longer for sale. I’m really disappointed with them, especially as I did my CBT with them and I start my DAS with them this weekend

As far as I am away a deposit secures it mate. I would have a serious word with em and make sure he refunds the full deposit and go elsewhere to buy a bike. In my experience with Rex Judds they are very high prices for the kind of bikes they have.

Try places like On yer Bike they do fantastic deals.

Wouldn’t buy from them if that’s how they run a business. Another forum member, Hornet, put a £100 deposit down on a Monster 600 from Daytona Motorcycles only for them to phone him a day later to tell him that it had already been sold.

If I were you I’d report them to the european court of human rights. Under clause 32b.4.347i you have entered into a contract with the company and they are legally obliged to supply the vehicle to you. I suggest that you get them to give you a new 06 R6 in compensation for your emotional turmoil and give you a new Arai lid that matches the bike.

Well I’m a London Biker and that is what I’d do.

Oh and the “manager” you talked to is’nt there any more…

I’m definately looking at other dealers now and I got my full deposit back. I really did want to by from them though, as they’re only about 2/3 miles from where I live. I think they may have seen this post as a few hours after I posted it, they called me to apologise

I even went as far as changing my new jacket and helmet to match the colours of the bike

lol @ Turd (nice name!)

sean077410, I’m good for the money now, it’s sitting in my account burning a hole in it! I’ve had a look at your website and there are a few options, but i really want a Thundercat now, preferably in black!! If you get one in, let me know asap as I will buy it in a instant. As this will be my first bike, I’d feel better making it a used one, I’d be devastated if I dropped a new one!

Good luck finding another Thundercat you like. Dont impulse buy something just cos you have the readys ready
The School is a separate company thank god. I did CBT and DAS with them in one week at the Edgeware branch. In my opinion they are excellent.

Sean… I wonder if Steve Dibbs would be so keen for you to be making libellous comments on his behalf ?? If you want to slag off Rex Judd I would suggest you go down to either showroom and do it in person.

I’m sure they would welcome your comments and mabey you could offer your services as a business consultant. They have only just started out in business having opened their Edgware showroom in 1931 and quite clearly they are having some teething problems.

Or better still you could mabey write a book " How to sell motorcycles" and simply send them a copy. … in fact using the book method you could retire from working in a sucessful bike dealers that is Colin Collins and live comfortably off the royalties.

My suggestion to you is to wind your neck in.

I’m pleased to say Rex Judd redeemed themselves today (so far!) I complained to the owner during a break in my DAS and he was very apologetic. Within 2 hours, another Thundercat (Silver + Yellow) appeared and was offered to me at £400 less than the last one. It’s a year older, but less milage and better condition, so all in all I’m pleased that it was sorted out.

Ha ha …That sounds like a bit of a rant my friend!!

If you’d like to list whose other opinions you are relaying we’d all have an idea who you are speaking for / bigging yourself up to represent. Really I’d like to know as you are now sounding like you are representing a group of people.

Please detail first names and surnames and their home addresses as well.

It would be a travasty of justice if you where blatantly slandering them on an open forum…working for a competing bike shop this might seem like a piss take.

Again I ask you, does your boss the owner of Collin Collins, Steve Dibbs know that you are making slanderous comments for his company in his employ?? Please give me a straight answer this time as I’d like this forum to be a record of all your comments…

Is seems quite obvious that you have a few issues with Rex Judd,

Instead of putting your views on a website why dont you just go there in person and discuss your problems? Maybe they would be grateful for some advice.

I bought a new R6 from there and found them nothing put plesant and professional, unlike when I went to Colin Collins and got completly fobbed off!

Cant see what relivance it has but I’m self employed…?? And have never worked for Rex Judd.

I could’nt care less who you used to work for and am not particularly bothered who you work for now. The fact that you use your signature as a free advert for yourself or companies that you work for is totally your choice my friend.

I would never go and ask the moderetors to remove someones opinion. It is after all a free county and all that. It’s just a shame they dont have some sort of vetting process when you become a member. That way they could weed out some of the muppets that post things without engaging thier brains!!

having looked through the “Name and Shame” section it seems that Colin Colins are mentioned at an alarming regularity…

Handbags away please.

Rex Judd were well out of order for what they did to me but I complained to the owner (and anybody else who would listen) and they then went out of their way to rectify the situation, for which I’m grateful.

It should never have happened and hopefully this post will be of use for other people buying their first bike so they can be aware of things that MAY happen.

She Woolf… Nothing wrong with a bit of harmless banter! How can you let the opportunity of a wind up go by so easily!!

I really think Sean was getting a bit shirty there!! LOL!

Turd, I can see you a re a very naughty boy!

Your username makes me laugh, I haven’t heard the word turd used since I was a kid.

I used the username “The Turd” as I’m told it acuratley describes my personality. Friends of mine say I’m a bit of a floater and I quite often feel flushed.

Especially when a certain ZX10 owning, nob jockey spotting, tangoe’d steriod muncher in the north splash the cash. ( you know who you are!!)

I know the above makes little sense but does

fuscous (adjective satellite) -

  1. having a dusky brownish gray color

now have a clearer meaning?

Ummm, I have no idea what you’re on about.

When ever the word Turd was used in my youth, it referred to sh*t, which I believe is similar in colour to what you described. I assumed you were calling yourself 'The **’ to either mean you are the sht (in a good way) or you are a sht (as in like to wind people up). Maybe it’s both??


Did I get it horribly wrong?

No. I think you’ve thought about it to much. The real reason for the name the Turd was to be offensive. I tried to think of a word that people would recoil in horror to or would make people feel dirty/unclean.

As with most things in life though I’ve failed miserably. Most people just laugh or smile when they hear my name … unfortunate as that was the opposite reaction I had intended.

I suppose I’m just lucky that this is just an internet forum and well removed from the real world.