Monday morning I woke up at 6am to call my boss to see where I was working to find id been cut off.

I tried to call them and guess what, when you call customer services you can go through the normal automated options, once you get to the option where you can speak to an advisor it says.

“all calls are barred from this phone, please contact your customer care agent” (THANKS VODAFONE THATS WHAT IM TRYING TO DO!!!)

So I had to go to my old job (Decorating on multiple sites so I move about) and hope for the best,

any way… A few hours later I got a call from my mrs asking why she hadn’t heard from me shes worried blah blah blah, she ended up calling Vodafone who said they cut me off as I hadn’t paid my bill.

(Usually I get a text to say its due, I then call up and pay it. It makes it easier to monitor my money)

Any way, she paid it for me (Bless her) and 23.5hours after paying it I was connected again… (No phone for about 30hours in total)

Yesterday, I went to use my phone and AGAIN! im cut off!

Few hours later the mrs called>called voda>called me turns out my 1hour phone call to Halifax the other day put me over my allowance as it was an 08457 number (Fair enough, its only taken them 6months to put a cap on it) they took it off and said my account will be up and running in 15mins (It was)

Today… NO PHONE!!!

Im waiting for the mrs to get in so I can call them! Iv had it with these bastards! Only got 3months left in this contract, I think Il be requesting it finishes now…

Its beyond a joke!

I didn’t know Vodafone was still a thing…

What does ‘NO PHONE’ mean? Someone stole it? Hardly Vodafone’s fault, surely?

No phone, as in im cut off AGAIN!

dont get me started on Vodafone…good luck buddy. :angry:

ps. if i were you i wouldnt pay a penny as they have breached contract by not providing you with a phone line. ergo, i would tell them i’d leave them as per now. and they can take you to court as much as they like. see if things change a bit. :wink:

so you didn’t pay them, then they cut you off.
then you reached your allowance limit (which you had asked them to set up) and you got cut off.

I fail to see how this is vodafone’s fault?

I had major issues with Vodafone myself and in frustration looked up their CEO Guy Lawrence and got his Head Office e mail address. After contacting him directly, I had a call back in 24 hours from the Director of Customer Services, who sorted it out that very day. So you might want to go to he top, if all else fails!


You didn’t pay your bill and they cut you off.
You used up your allowance by calling a premium rate number so they cut you off.

Vodafone is a business, not a charity. I understand that the text reminder is helpful but this is a lesson in not relying on others to carry out your responsibilities.

I don’t think this is something that vodafone should have to do anything about.

You never get this sort of problem with pay as you go :ermm:

I stopped using vodafone 10 years ago.

I bought a phone from them broke about 3 months later, they refused to help me told me to contact the phones vendor did that still nothing went back to vodafone again refused spoke the vendor in the end who told me to ship the phone to france to get it looked at!!!

Went back to vodafone threw it at them demanded they refund me the money (after refusing to leave they did) and I have never set foot in one of their shops since.

+1 :smiley:

As per others here this isn’t really Vodaphone’s fault. Perhaps they could have been more efficient at reminding you or reconnecting you, but in the end it stems from you not paying their bill.

I’ve edited the title so it doesn’t attract too much attention from their lawyers. I’d recommend either Direct Debit if you stay on contract or swap to PAYG so you can be more spontaneous with paying for your phone service.

its vodafones fault because theyre supposed to text me when my bill is due, however the last two months they havent.
i have told them many times im not getting the text and they said it ha been switched of on their end, theyll turn it back on…

then i get cut off and i cant even call them to pay it…
yeah, must be my fault…

surely the whole point of a SHAME section is to put up posts of a person/conpany/third party you feel hasnt done what is expected of them etc…

thats like me having a problem at a garage and shaming that particular garage to warn others and you changing it to SHAME GARAGES
whats the point?

also, when i asked for a CAP to be put on my account i didnt ask to be cut off, nor did they warn me of this happening, all my old contracts had Caps, and thats what they done…
i could still use it as normal…

vodafone is the worse company i had the mispleasure of dealing with. they are as inefficient and useless as BT and british gas.

thank f8ck is for the company and not for myself, or i’d ditch them in a minute.

Brett, you want to speak to their TECH department if you want anything sorted. do not take no as an answer, until they put you through. even customer service managers are utter to$$ers and have no idea how to work things out.

Tesco mobile have a CAP system. If you reach your max spend limit you will no longer be able to do something that could increase the charges beyond that point. That might mean you can’t make calls or perhaps can’t send send texts - BUT you would be able to receive calls (since we don’t pay for incoming cellphone calls in the UK - unlike the USA).

If you google “shame vodafone” you get 2 million hits. I think the vodafone lawyers already know their client sucks.

The phone the company pays for … it s a vodafone … and funniliy enuff they are dropping them and going to someone else , it was orange last time … that lasted about 2 weeks …we shall see how long the next lot last .