Shame - OZ Tyres (nr. Newington Green)

I was on my way to a supermarket last Monday to get some meat for an impromptu BBQ when I noticed a large nail in my front tyre on my scooter. As I was pushed for time I rang OZ tyres as they are the nearest place I could think of and luckily they were open. I got there and asked them to just repair the puncture as the tyre is almost new (less that 1000 miles) and the nail was right bang in the middle of the thread.

The guys then said that they did not repair scooter punctures as it was not cost effective (for them) and that they can only sell me a new tyre. I tried ringing a couple of other places I could think of in the vicinity but they were either not open or did not do motorbikes/scooters so I had no option but to get a new tyre @ £65 +VAT. But I told them that I’ll keep the old tyre and have it repaired and keep as a spare

They quickly removed the tyre - 5 minutes max - and got on with putting in the new one when one of the guys said “look I’ll repair the old tyre for you now as it’ll only take 2 minutes” so, I said yes, thinking that he felt bad about forcing me to buy a new tyre and he’ll do it for free…

He quickly repaired it and put the wheel, with the new tyre, back on the scooter and then we came to payment stage - they charged me £95 (£66 for the new tyre, £13 for repair of the old and then VAT)

Parting with that much cash is never pleasurable but what annoyed me the most is that they clearly conned me into buying a new tyre when I did not need one and then repaired the puncture anyway…

They could tell that I was up the proverbial sh1t creek without the means of propelling my craft and they took advantage of me so I suggest you all give them a wide birth if you do not want to be conned!

Live and learn, eh…

To make matters worst - just looked up the tyre they fitted and it costs £26 to buy

rubbish bastards.

to counter this, i kerbed a tyre on the car and had to stop at kwik fit on the A20 nr 5 ways as it was a sunday and i was concerned i would get a blow out. they looked up the replacement tyre etc. and i sat down waiting for them to change it for me. they could have just done it and i’d have not known better. instead the guy came back and told me he’d checked it out and it would be fine as it was, no danger, no charge, have a nice day.