SHAME ON YOU - Motorcycles And Moore (LONDON COLNEY)

I Bought a 5 month old 2006 shape r6 last year with 9000 miles on the clock. Before i was able to ride it away, The guy said he will run it through the workshop, collected a few days later. Everything seemed fine, the only thing that worried me was, when i pulled the clutch lever in and went on and off the throttle i heard something clicking back and forth on the clutch thought, must be the slipper clutch and be normal, as they checked the bike and road tested it (i was told). In a matter of weeks they clutch started to slip after covering a few hundred miles. Took it back to the shop and he was not in to much of a hurry to come over and serve, outside talking to his mate with his new hyabusa. kept looking over at me. waiting for 5 minutes or so finally came in, i said my clutch is slipping. the mechanics are not available there busy. OK I’ll wait. finally had a look at it a few hours later. ‘‘yeah mate i see what the problem is you need a new clutch’’ said what about warranty etc. he said ‘‘wear and tear innit’’. not very impressed. so i went to moores motorcycles in hemel hempstead not connected to each other, for a second opinion. one of the guys there road tested it and said. ‘’ the clutch friction plates are worn or the clutch metal plates are warped and the head stock bearings are very loose. whilst there he lifted the bike of the ground on the stand and saw how much play in the forks there was. tried to tighten them, but no good need new bearings. ffs at this point i was annoyed at moores in london colney talked to them about saying he was going to run it through the Workshop and missed these fairly easy to spot things. but he said its wear and tear and i must have been doing wheelies for this to happen. in the end i went to moores in hemel to get all the work done and came to about £250 for the clutch and £350 for the new headstock bearings as the whole front had to be stripped to replace. I will never again buy a bike from them or recommend. Another thing then really annoyed me was the first time i was there, the guys on the phone swearing whilst there was a women present with her young daughter, DICKHEAD! whats that all about! also went the Sawbridgeworth BMW and had a chat with a guy upstairs in the parts department about off road bikes. Funnily enough he bought an xt660 from moores in london colney and had a similar problems.:angry:

I just spat a mouthfull of peanuts out!!!:w00t:

Did you say you paid £350 to have the head bearings replaced?:Whistling:

Get yourself a Manual and a set of spanners mate:cool:

what a rip off:angry:

ffs! ‘‘I must have ‘MUG’ written on my forehead’’. he said i couldn’t do it myself as i needed special tools, stand etc. It seems that every garage i went to i had problems. i was going to buy a new gsxr600 but they wouldn’t let me have a test ride because of my age but i had a full license. When i went to have a look at the cbr600rr, Honda wanted to give me £200 for my hornet when the book value was £900. The salesmen at triumph was full of bullshit. Kawasaki salesman didn’t even speak to me.:laugh:

They are right that you would be better off with an ABBA stand or suchlike. The tools to do the job would have cost you probably £150 and the bits cost £25 but you will need stands anyway and you have them for life.

We all live and learn mate, the benefit you have is the wealth of experiences written about on this site. Use the search button before parting with lots of money.

That is one hell of an expensive lesson learned, bad news.

As CM says there are plenty of recommendations on here for mechanics etc.

Out of curiosity i’d have asked them how long it took them to replace the head bearings. They should be quicker than me and I did mine in 3 hours and the bearings cost £65…:wink:

Always good to be told these tales :wink:

Forewarned and all that :slight_smile:

Head bearings :w00t: shite job to do but £350 quid?

Part would have been 50 quid max, i think i’d be asking what thier labour rate is.

£25 from

I know that as i bought a set for the blade from them but as he was buying from the dealer i doubled the price :wink:

was told a 4 hour job

I would have been pulling faces if it was me:crazy:

I wouldn’t expect it to have taken as long as that.

Is it a coincidence that they are both called “Moore”:wink:

Gimme more gimme more:w00t:

Live and learn…Next time go to Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn… :slight_smile:

Honest, friendly and competitively priced.

How many miles have you done since buying the bike??

How long have you had it?

What did they say their warranty from the shop was (forget yamaha warranty)???

I may be able to help you get your money back - or help you in another way (i work in a yamaha shop)

Call me - 0207 613 3434


Ive have done 5000 miles since i bought it in July last year. Unfortunately i cannot remember what the warranty was from when i bought it. To be honest i not really bothered about getting the money back now, i was when it first happened, plus it’s a bit to late months after. Thanks for offering help anyway mate.

Tekmotive have a good reputation in that area :wink:

I’d give that R6 a serious once over…Strip bodywork and check frame, subframe and wheel alignment.

It sounds like a badly abused bike dressed up in pretty fairings.

Grimbusa i’ll give them a try next time mate. Thanks.

Afro. Might just do that. Cheers

ChunkyMonkey (02/01/2008)

I just spat a mouthfull of peanuts out!!!:w00t:sure it was only peanuts ? you aint got westy round there have ya ?

they definately sound like rip off merchants though, and its handy on here that so many peeps can point you in the right direction. :slight_smile: