Shame - Norton Way Honda

I’ve been trying to buy a second hand CBR600F from Norton Way Honda, part of the Chiswick Honda dealership.

Initial contact was good, they gave me a load of info and took my 100 quid deposit. I went up on Sunday and test rode the bike.

I was originally told that it had tax, but when I arrived on Sunday, they had to find and fit garage plates as the tax expired in 2007.

The salesman I dealt with originally was not in on Sunday so I left a few questions for him. On Monday at 11:30 I called them because I hadn’t heard back, and got answers to 4 of my 6 questions.

Having still not heard back late Monday, I called again and got an answer to my 5th question about the Scottoiler. I asked about the tax situation again and was told I’d hear back in 30 minutes.

Since then, I’ve called a further 9 times and spoken to the salesman on 4 of those occasions. The other calls have mostly not found him or he’s been busy. Each time I have managed to reach him, I’ve been told that I’d hear back about the tax situation in either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Each time the call has not come.

I’ve called the Chiswick branch tonight and asked if I can purchase this bike through them, but my gut is now telling me to walk away - if they are treating me like this before they have thousands of pounds of my money, what on earth will warranty claims or other issues be like ?

The worst is that I’d taken a half day on Friday and asked a mate to come up with me to get some of the extra bits, so I’ve wasted 2 people’s time because no matter what, the bike is now unlikely to be ready for Friday.

Anyone got an e-mail address so that I can document my displeasure and discomfort?

ive heard a lot of bad things about them :frowning: id get your money back and buy elsewhere personally

i got my CBR600F from Budget Bikes in Swindon who i cant recommend enough :slight_smile: 12 months MOT, 3 months warrantee - very honest and open and helpful :slight_smile: i think they also have a branch in London if Swindons too far

I think you just answered your own question :smiley: