SHAME:North Wembley Motorcylces

i bought my bike yesterday from North Wembley Motorcycles of pembroke road,North Wembley…get ready for a nightmare story…

when i got on the bike,i noticed that there was no petrol in the tank…there was just enough fumes to get me to the nearest petrol station (which was luckilly 1 min up the road)…after 10-15 mins of riding when i stopped at lights and in traffic it kept misfireing and cutting out…it took 5 mins to get it going again…it even did it again on the North Circular and i ended up holding up the 1st 2 lanes up traffic up!!! so i pushed myself in the next turn off,which was a industrial road…so i called the italian mechanic at NWM and he came out…when he got there the bloody bike worked perfectly,started 1st time and he even went up and down the Industrial rd on it and couldnt find anything wrong with it…he changed the spark plug and said if it happens again to call him…HE EVEN OFFERED TO BUY THE BIKE BACK OFF ME!!!…So i went on my way and it happened again on the Watford way northbound at the lights at collindale (where Aerodrome road crosses) so i had to wait untill the traffic was quiet with the lights and push myself over to the bus stop…after about 5 mins i got myself going again and only got as far as half way between the bus stop and the next lights at mill hill (where theres a roundabout with a statue on and a fly-over going above) so i was parked up on the pavement and i gave NWM a call and he said he cant leave the shop again and id have to go back to the shop,keep stopping and starting…i told him its too dangerous but he wasnt having any of it…so ended the call…so as i was stranded i didnt know what else to do…so at wits end,cold,hungry and busting for a pee i didnt know what to do,so i rang the luton honda dealer, Coburn and Hughes to see if they could recover my bike…they said yes and it would cost 120 quid because of the distance.within 10 mins of me 1st ringing they was on their way…when the work is done im going to get them to do an invoice with the recovery included so i can get NWM to pay me back as this shouldnt of happened as id only just bought the bike (litterally!).


thing is with thse shame threads you will always find the other side …

fine i have never used them for mech or buying a bike but i do use for tyres and always found his service second to none even if it means he has to work a bit late he has always done me proud and i will be going to him either tomorrow or sat …

as for petrol in tank … it is not a mandatory item in a sale as far as i know …

We’ve never been there but a friend has and was very happy with their work and the price.

well sorry but ive had a bad experiance with him…im sure hes really good normally…im going to ring him tomorrow and give him the chance to put it right…the honda shop say the problem is the coil…the coil should be getting delivered to the honda shop tomorrow so im going to ring them as soon as they open as i am aware that he has the right to a chance to put it right…he could bring a van to the luton honda shop,pick up my bike,buy the coil from the honda shop,take me and the bike back to his place and fit the new coil…but whether he’ll do it is another thing…tats the only easy option i can think of that gives him a chance to put it right. what about the recovery charge…is he liable for that as he said he couldnt leave the shop again,which left me stranded and was far too dangerous to even attempt to go back to his shop.and ask for the petrol tank i have read that today on the CBR uk forum

its just if you buy a bike that has been described as good condition that brakes down on the way home,you tend to feel bitterness towards those who sold it to you…if he agrees to fit a new coil to fix it then no hard feelings,i take it all back.

its ok to have an opinion god we would all be in the **** if we all based our spending etc based on what someone else has experienced.

You will always find that someone elses experience will differ to yours

i personally try to avoid writing any shame threads until every avenue has been followed and it is only then that the people involved havefailed to fulfill their duties

sorry to hear of your mishaps matey and hope that it is solved to your satisfaction

UPDATE:well i went to the honda shop as soon as they opened this morning and it turns out that the coil came late last night,so they worked on it already…but when they had a look,the coil was fine…the fuel pipes were crushed!!! obviously what had happened is someones been giving it a service,took the fuel tank off,not looked what they was doing when they put it back on and crushed the pipes…so the reason it kept cutting out was the engine couldnt breathe and was suffokcating.
NWM has just opened so im gunna give him a ring and see what he says.

Makes sense, I suppose ('cept it’s wasn’t suffocating so much as out of fuel) - while you waited for the guy to come, the carbs filled up with fuel again.

This does look like just one relatively simple mistake, though, that wasn’t really dealt with badly.

yeh i rang him and told him whats happening and he said hell pay for the repairs but not the recovery…even though he said he couldnt come out again and my engine wouldnt start,which meant i was stranded so i didnt know what else to do…and i didnt want to use my breakdown cover on my insurance as i had only baught the policy less than 2 hours earlier.

well at least ill get my repairs paid for.

Think i would have used the breakdown policy you have, gotta be better than £120?

+1 would have been much cheaper! Don’t see why you didn’t use it, doesn’t put up your premium as far as I’m aware.

I don’t think you gave the guy enough of a chance to put things right before putting this up, I think not being able to leave the shop again as he was on his own is a pretty good reason and if the problem wasn’t happening when he arrived the 1st time then how could he diagnose and fix. Good luck with the bike and getting your money back for a the repairs.

Now we have a quandry don’t we.

Yes there was an mistake made on the bike leading to the problem. Sounds like the guy has held his hands up and aside from the recovery cost he’s set about rectifying the problem.

But now we have a ‘Shame’ thread which will not only show up here but more importantly on Google should someone search for this dealer. And that seems very harsh, not to mention bordering on libel.

Guys we have to be very careful when posting up here especially when feeling hard done by and perhaps not thinking about the repercussions of this action. Your posts stay for ever and every viewing is deemed a republication of any post deemed libelous.

Haha, It’s true - I’m thinking twice about using my local dealer who’ve never done wrong by me in the past just because of a comment left on here a few days ago :w00t:

I can see the 2 sides of this but end of the stick they dealt with the situation very badly…