shame: myself 😠

confession, i took out sum1’s moped today on the kingsland road outside the spread eagle pub, the rear swing on my lorry is horrendous, really sorry if it was any1’s but i left details on the bike once i picked it up, it looked fine any probs let me know, once again sorry!!

Ooops accidents happen - at least you left a note :cool:


Its good to get it off your chest:)

I would say that was very good karma!

Any idea what sort of bike it was? It might help identify the best place to post your confession! :slight_smile:

Well done that man, for honesty and doing-as-you-would-be-done-by

HAHAHA thats brilliant imagin the guy whos scooter it was face when he walked out and saw that note on his ped LMAO nice 1

At least you are honest mate, not may drivers would do that (I speak from experience, one put a dent in my car and drove off :angry: )

On another note…

Don’t forget Bikesafe at the Ace at 8:45 am this Sunday Curtis.

As long as you don’t rock up on a Goldwing, scooter riders in London should be safe that day :wink:

Should have just pissed on it… bloody ped rider :smiley:

it was a couriers bike so to be honest he prob wasn’t too bothered any way, yea see you on sun afro