Shame MUC-OFF Disk Cleaner

I used to use MUC off disk cleaner when it ran out the last time I switched to WURTH brake cleaner. This time round went back to MUC-offs and it sucks!
Doesn’t clean as well, my back brake is squeaking like hell and I can feel the difference in the braking.

I’m all for using bio-degradable products which is why I like MUC-OFF but it’s shite, I’m going to buy another tin of WURTH and keep the MUC-off for backup.


Sounds like you’ve ‘washed’ away the copper grease, hence the squeak :slight_smile:

Ricky can you explain the whole copper grease thing please? How does it stop squeek and where do you apply it?

the copper grease goes on the back of the metal backing bits that clip onto the break pads. however some mechanics say it makes no difference, others think it does, smear some on and pop them back into the caliper

cheers kato. I am planning to over haul the front end at the end of the summer

Personally I think the copper grease does make a difference, and no I didn’t wash it all away. the discs just aren’t as clean as when I used the WURTH disc brake cleaner.