Shame: Motrax bike cover. Praise: Rivetts. Praise: Infinity Hanger Lane

I bought the Delux Motrax bike cover which at £39.99 I thought would be pretty good. First thing I notice is it’s plastic inside so nothing soft for the paintwork and it didn’t completely cover my bike. I only have a CBR6 but it rode off the ground by about 6 inches at the back. Then the reflective strips started to come unstitched and then one of the main seams began to come apart. Final straw was when the belly strap fell off!

Took it back to Rivetts in Chiswick Honda. This was about three months after the purchase date. I didn’t have the receipt but they keep them all on their system. They asked a few question to make sure I hadn’t been stupid with it and then refunded my money without quibble. Top guys for doing that! Always found them pretty friendly and helpful (sometimes to helpful!) in there too.

I have now seen the light and spent and extra 20 quid and bought the Oxford Stormex! :slight_smile:

Infinity Hanger Lane for the 10% LB discount on the cover! :cool:

just be glad you’re not my brother. He put his cover on the other night and got caught by a gust of wind and it knocked his bike over. Not easy being that it’s a 955 daytona. Crazy windy these days! I’ve got the stormex and i’ve had no problems nice and plush for the bike.:cool:

I have the Oxford Stormex cover, great cover. Because my bike has been lowered though (yep, I am a short ass:D) it sits quite a bit on the ground so when it rains the nice plush lining inside can sometime soak up the water but if your bike is standard height then you should have no probs.

And well done to those peeps at Rivetts for the no quibble refund :slight_smile: