I brought a Vespa PX125 08 model with 1500km on the clock from these at the end of may cost me £2,250, with it i got a 3 month warranty , 6 weeks later i was having problems with the clutch and it got to a point where it was dragging so much i returned it too the shop for investigation , i was later informed that the whole clutch was shot and needed to be replaced , ok no problem i thought as i still have warranty , mentioned it to the mechanic and was told that the clutch wasn’t covered ! . I pointed out that on the warranty it listed what and wasn’t covered and there is no mention of clutch not being covered , the mechanic stated that no dealer will cover clutch replacement , which i found to be unbelievable , to replace the clutch was going to cost me £250 which i felt i had no option but to have the work done . On picking the bike up i spoke to the mechanic and mentioned the warranty again , i got the same reply , on getting the bike home with no problem i tried to use the bike later that day and found it could not be started with the kickstarter only the electric start ! it seems on making enquiries on the Vespa forum that this is clutch related ! .Well rather that contact the shop again i decided to sent them a letter under the sale of goods act . I received a reply some days later saying that the damage to the clutch was due to the fact that the scooter at some point had been dropped (i had a low speed off )causing the clutch basket to break and that they were not willing to entertain a refund or replacement.Is taking them to court the only option i have ?

Any way if anyone is thinking of doing business with them please be wary of their aftersales .


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I would be surprised if a low speed off could break the clutch basket without damaging (to the point of failure) the clutch cover. Whilst the clutch plates would not likely be covered (wearing part) I would be very surprised if they could reasonably exclude the basket and hub, as this is a non-wearing part. I would be talking to Trading Standards, not least of which because, regarless of the warranty, you have statutory rights that could have been breached here.

The problem is you did drop the bike (if you did not 100% sure but sounds like you say you did). This will make most of the usual routes unusable, you can’t claim it wasn’t fit for purpose because the argument is simply that it was fit for purpose before you dropped it.

You won’t be able to claim on the warranty because the warranty will not include damage done due to accidents.

I am not sure you have that strong a position from which to take the shop to court.

My thoughts also about the clutch , the vespa cluch is inboard of the engine , you have to remove the rear wheel to acess it so how it came to be damaged is a mystery ? also the mechanic did say if it was the clutch plates that where worn he would have replaced them under warranty !!!

One otherthing is the clutch had been playing up from day one (before my off) , after asking advice on the Vespa forum i was told clutch action on the PX was quite harsh ,so i presumed this was normal for the bike , it was only when the scooters cluch was continuley dragging that it was returned to the shop .

Hi Buck
I used to ride vespas for years and have chucked them round the road loads and have never heard of this problem the kickstarter fault usually means its been reassembled wrong
if you get no joy and have to pay for stuff yourself I would recommend Scooterworks in Bermondsy what they dont know about vespas isnt worth knowing and they are good honest guys
good luck

Cheers Mikey , not had any luck with the shop , they refuse to take any responsibility for the bike , the only alternative is court which is more money !

The gear cable went on it the other day so im not having much luck with the Px , ive got myself a vespa engine tool kit so im going to investigate the problem when i have some time .

Cables are easy especially on the new ones just make sure its in neutral first get the haynes manual most stuff on vespas can be done with minimal tools and time
If you have more issue I cant rate scotterworks enough
good luck

Cheers for that , got the cable sorted , it had slipped off the throttle tube , still have the problem with the rest of the bike , got the hammer out , not sure if i should just beat the crap our the bike or fix it , the word MONEY PIT comes to mind .:Whistling:

Sorry to hear of your troubles with the PX, Buck. They are usually great bikes, and it does sound like you paid over the odds a bit. I hope you get some luck getting some money back. I thought the small claims court only costs £20 or something?
Good thing is, once it’s sorted they are usually very reliable (my PX200 had 60k+ km on the clock before I crashed it).
Scooterworks are very good if you get the right mechanics to look at it. Craig is good, but Vincent and Lauren have left I believe, and I have had bad experienced with some of the other kids who they seem to employ.

Actually, there’s a chap opposite Lee station (not too far from you?) that knows a lot about PXs, I think the shop is called Kickstart or something. Propper old school motorbike mechanic, but very nice chap.

I know kickstarts , when ive got a bit of time(and the weather a bit dryer) im going to get inside the engine and have a look for myself , if i cant sort it then i will bung it in the shop . I brought the bugger for commuting and since have used my cycle more than the vespa . I have used it on the odd occassion but its very stiff going through the gears (i have tried adjusting the clutch but no difference ) the kickstart also wont turn the engine over (starts on the electric fine )seems like there is very little resistance when pushing the kickstart down ,

if you didnt know of them already beedspeed is your best source for parts online