Shame - Metropolis

If you want to sell bikes to people, you have to treat them nicely.

These guys have no clue about the second bit. They would sell you their grandma if they could.

They really don’t care about you or your needs plus they are rude.

It’s a shame so many people still go there, cos it would be better if they were forced to shut down and be replaced with a better shop.

I did my CBT with them years ago and the bloke that had me for the day was great.

At the end of the day, I went round looking at the bikes / scooters and I can remember wanting to ask about one and I was made to feel as if I was a pain in the rear !

Funnily enough, they didn’t get my custom and won’t after that.

I had a bad experience buying a helmet there, and haven’t been back since.

I was looking around there with half an interest in a Triumph when I was looking to replace my 650GS. With the sales people’s attiudes they might as well have just told me to ‘f*** off you’re too young to be looking at these bikes’. Their loss…

Probably wouldn’t have gone for one of theirs anyway…

Which Metropolis was it??

Vauxhall, under the railway lines across the road from the SIS building. Such a different attude between the clothing guys, who were helpfull and friendly, at the back of the shop and the bike salesmen, or at least the one that delt with me, at the front.

I agree the clothing guys are reallly helpful. Took a lot of time to make sure I had comfortable gear that fitted properly. I had a problem with a glove where the stitching came apart after a couple of weeks. They apologised profusely and offered me the choice of replacement or refund.

The accessories guys are absolute stars, as are the parts guys (they keep a Keti stock of CBF mirrors, which is nice).

I did buy my CBF from there, and found the salesguy pretty laid back and helpful until I’d put my deposit down, after which he became the invisible man - really hard to get hold of on the phone. Went through with it anyway, had the bike serviced there once and prolly wouldn’t go back there now. They’re lacking in the aftersales customer care department, that’s for sure.

just went yesterday to metropolis to test ride a bike and the sales man looked me up and down asked me a few questions (how long have i had a full license, what i drive, if i was gonna by the bike i wanted to test ride TODAY??) and apparently didnt past the “interview”

cause i got a lecture about how this isnt a free for all and he doesnt want me to put miles on a used bikes clock?!?

a) what dif does it make what i ride now… but what i want to ride!
b) if i dont want to buy Today am i not a good customer?
c) where did he think i would go to test ride the bike? Scotland?

walked off and not going back!

That doesn’t sound to good - if anyone else does go to Metropolis to look for a bike the salesman you need to ask for is LEIGHTON - tell him sean sent you and see how you get on!!!

Spoke to Leighton - he said ur a to$$er

Yeah he said he had some bald prancing idiot in with a Convict number tattoed on his head!!

I bought my bike from Metropolis, and yes when I first showed interest in buying a brand new bike, I got about 3 phone calls a day asking me whether I’ll go ahead with the purchase, the moment I put down the deposit, that was it…

Also, before the bike’s first service was due, I went back to ask if i could pop into their garage and have a chat with the mechanic, they refused, and wanted to charge me something ridiculous for changing my tyres if I didn’t buy them new from their shop! Weren’t even bothered about the fact that I ended up taking my bike to be serviced elsewhere.

Anyone with a triumph bike should try to go to Boyer Racing instead, they’re great guys, open workshop for all to see and chat to their mechanics, and despite not having purchased my bike from them, they didn’t charge me for changing tyres or adding more R&Gs, but most importantly were so friendly & helpful.

Jack Lilley’s in staines also have a very good rep when it comes to Triumph!!

Ducati workshop is ****, they wanted to charge to measure the shims that I wanted to buy the replacement for.

They are a bunch of ******s I hope they all die of cancer.

Well thats not a very nice thing to say! I wish you good health and pray you never discover what you hope might happen to others. Assh0le

No i wish them pain and suffering. I’m sure karma will see to that.

And shall we get in to name calling?

I’m not into name calling… so I will politely ask you to refrain from wishing people a long and painful death from cancer… the loved ones who look after them and are left behind also suffer! And we may not have done something to deserve it…

Karma sometimes kicks **** in your face even when you’ve done more good in the world than bad.

Deal with the sales, parts or service department and we’ll see how you feel.

Treated like a piece of **** and then being lied to, and then being told I was being stupid. Not the first time its happen to me and others.

Quote from Katana : I hope they all die of cancer.

Katana, I find your post totally out of order and feel you should post an apology to everyone that has read this.

You talk about karma but have you ever thought that what you wish for might come true for YOU?

my other half has recently battled and thankfully beaten cancer and i would not wish that experience on my worst enemy.

You are a thoughtless individual.