Shame-Metropolis Motorcycles, Vauxhall

Just noted the absolutely shocking English in my post. Should read “might want to get” and not “might weren’t took”, then “Your” not “you” and lastly “biggest” not “buggest”. Dear oh dear.

There is an awful lot of negative stuff on here about Metropolis,it can’t all be fantasy surely!!!

For a first post you’re throwing around a lot of insults.

Regardless of the mistakes it got the point across very well :smiley:

hmmm excep m-daytona is female :wink: and i agree i’ve heard quite alot of bad things about metropolis, and for you to come on a forum and have ago at a customer is very unprofessional!!! yea by all means give your side but there’s a way to do it

I dont think its unprofessional at all.How would you like it if the company you work for was being slagged off by someone who hasnt told the truth.About customer service she was always given a loan bike when she dropped off for service offered a bike when hers broke down on the saturday , name the shops that give loan bikes please in central london? we even got her bike specially painted for her when she bought it and helped her many times.You can slag us off all you like what dealerships out there have 100% csi none.Dont hear you slagging infinity off or rex judd just Metropolis.We have a right to defend ourselves if you dont like it dont post comments about us.

Never been to Metropolis so neutral :wink:

If you check the shame threads and comments within other threads you’ll find plenty of others with negative comments. How the company resolve the issues I find interesting :crazy:

I would caution you against making personal comments. By all means answer the points raised by the member but stop when you feel you are unable to get the point across without personal remarks directed at an individual.

The whole point of this section is to enable people to share views on good or bad service and get a response. Even skimming this one post there would appear to be a trend in the type of things being noted when people go into your establishment.

I hope that as well as taking M-Daytona to task you read some of the other comments raised in this thread (and others) and perhaps try to resolve the general issues being raised.

After that rant from I presume the owner of Metroplis I will not be stepping foot in there. Looks like we have hit a nerve. I know who I believe.

My dealer gives courtesy bikes during services and that. Not Central London though - edge of London. I don’t think M-Daytona was complaining about the courtesy bikes - rather the brake fluid issue. And you’ve ignored all the other comments people have made.

Its obvious to me that you are backing Ms Daytona as you dont know the truth.I dont believe every thing i read but when i read this it rattled my cage and i thought it right to defend the company against slanderous comments made by Ms daytona.From day one she was treated with respect and our staff bent over backwards to accomodate her and she was frequently in the shop chatting away and i thought that we had a good relationship with her until now.Its obvious that because we didnt refund her track day she has taken her bat home against metropolis.This wasnt our fault and was a combination of her negligence of leaving the bike with ignition on with lights on tom tom going whilst nattering away.The rectifier was a triumph part and was not our fault,did she write to triumph to refund her trackday no.

The truth hurts ms daytona so please dont come on a public forum slagging a company off that from day one tried to meet your every need.

Like Grim, I’ve never been lucky enough to visit Metropolis but I will say this.

I just searched this forum for the word “metropolis” and it returned some rather disturbing results.

On the first page I counted at least SIX disgruntled customers, can they all be fibbing?:wink:

If I was you 911, instead of coming on forums and attacking ex customers, concentrate your efforts at addressing the problems your company has with customer relations and shoddy workmanship.

Listen to your customers while you still have some:cool:

ps… You mentioned Rex Judd in a previous post. You will find they have had their own share of flack on here.:wink:

The great thing about t’interweb is it gives customers a voice…Start listening:)

That’s right Chinks!

This thread has been viewed over 800 times. The point we’re trying to make here is that all these people can’t be making things up and even taking angry retorts about bad service to one side there is a pattern here.

This site attracts on average over 200,000 vistors a month - not all read the forums but it might be best for outfits like this one to take on board the comments being made and try to make sure they don’t make it easy or give people a reason to highlight poor service.

Attacking ex-customers more like an ex-customer attacking us.Defending our company definetly.Shoddy workmanship not the case.Four week lead time for our workshop so customers are coming back.Over 1500 units sold through vauxhaul last year so again repeat business and we are not the king of discounters.Of course we will have some unhappy customers but the figures dont lie.Look at all the bike shops who have gone bust in the last 5 years are we one of them no reason why we provide an excellent service and are open when others choose to close again offering customers 24/7 back up.I think you need to see the big picture and get off the band wagon and realise if we dont do the job properly then why are we still in business…

If the comments on here are so unimportant why respond to them? I hoping that the comments raised are important to you want to put any issues right - you’ve not said that yet though and instead seem to be saying we’re all wrong and you’re right because you sell lots of stuff and we’re all just helping out a mate and jumping on the bandwagon…

All people are asking here is that you take on board the things being raised. Instead you seek to defend yourself and discredit your detractors. Surely the essence of customer service is to understand your customers needs not to rebuke them.

You’d have done better by accepting the valid points raised and inviting people to talk face to face in order to sort things out. At least then the message you’d be giving was of an outfit serious about customer service rather than fighting it’s corner come what may…

I’ve seen a couple of negative comments on either, but you’re correct, not nearly as much as Metropolis.
I think everybody who loves bike and never been to the shop should go. You’ll see how the attitude of the people in there stinks. If you don’t look like you’ve got £10k to spend on a bike you’ll probably be ignored. You’ll never have to go again, and you’ll only appreciate better the service you get elsewhere.
Biggest Vespa dealer in the UK? Possibly. Does that mean good quality? Certainly not, it probably just means enough city boys and girls buy their ETs and LXs there because it’s the only shop they know and they can’t be bothered to shop around. I was asked “why didn’t you buy an automatic?” when I wanted to book my CBT on a geared Vespa at Metropolis. What sort of attitude is that?

Are you claiming that because your a chain, your the best? Are you in a minute going to say Tesco sells the best groceries and gives you the best service because they’re the largest supermarket? And clearly, McDonalds do the best burger, otherwise they wouldn’t be the largest burger chain?

I think you should keep ranting on here and showing your stinking attitude, because the net result is going to be less customers.

The point is why should we defend comments which didnt occur.Ms Daytona isnt telling the exact truth.I really think that you guys are on a witch hunt here and i dont know why.The service is not that bad in Metropolis as you make out.The point im making is if it really is that bad as you make out explain how it is possible to achieve consistent high sales figures.If it is that bad then all our 10 brands of motorcycles would withdraw there franchises from the shop because of customer complaints.How can a sole privately owned company stay in business this long and so many so called better shops go bust ? All you can come up with is attitude from staff.I have visited plenty of other shops and unlike you i wont name them and have experinced bad service from staff.

I think the minority of people on this site who have decided to shame are entitled to there opinions as am I.The majority of people who shop and continue to shop at Metropolis will continue to recieve the high level of service we provide and for many more years to come.

End of topic

Not quite I think, M-Daytona hasnt responded yet to your post. Maybe she will, maybe she wont.

This is a public forum and you have asked for opinions by posting here, so here is my 2 penny-worth, I wasnt there during all your dealings with M-Daytona, I am just going on the posts that I have read in this thread.

You say that M-Daytona is lying and mention loads of stuff about not wanting the loan bike offered, not refunding track days, and that M-Daytona’s rectifier. None of these (which may well be justifyable greivences on your part) are not mentioned at all on M-Daytona’s original post. I think the main grievence was that after she had given the bike to you to fix the rectifier, on the first ride back it was spilling brake fluid and had an underinflated front tyre. You havent mentioned how this was dealt with at all in your responses…Maybe you can fill us in. At the moment we think that your dealership probably didnt take to kindly to the compaint about the workmanship and started to get nasty (a bit like your posts on here).

I am sure you have a successful business and so therefore you must be doing something right, but saying things like ‘pmt attitude’ is not going to get you far when we have a forum that has a very large female contingent.

I only have one experience of Metropolis. I went in to buy some Chain Lube, in an empty store when I asked where the Chain Lube was, the assistant just pointed at the rack behind me, not a word. I paid and he seemed very ungrateful for disturbing him to give him some business… yesterday I went to FWR to get the same thing, the guy apologised as soon as he came off the phone for keeping me waiting and he chatted to me about the different types of chain lube, best way to apply it (without me asking) and he said ‘thank you’. Where am I going to go back to?

The complaint was about brake fluid being over filled. Not about loan bikes or rectifiers. It is clear that they don’t listen to thier customers. :slight_smile:

911 boy, you may have a go at me all you want, but you clearly haven’t read my original post, I have mentioned that the reg/rec could’ve had nothing to do with you, but then I didn’t espect my bike to start spilling fluid or for the tyre to be deflated after having paid over £200 for it to be serviced.

saying that, the fact that it went an hr after I picked it up from your garage was too coincidental nevertheless.

You also knew that I wanted everything checked before my track day, and I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that everything is checked properly when a bike goes to service.

I didn’t actually excpect a 1098 as a replacement bike, had you given it to me, I would’ve been over the moon of course, but I did expect something similar to my bike, and not the bonnie, the fazer was a good replacement, and everyone knew I had it.

apart from Bob, who has always been polite, I really think metropolis should invest in teaching their staff a bit of customer service, you see, many people at this forum are good mates and know me very well, so unfortunately for you, I’m not the one displaying, what was is you called it, a pmt attitude?

Also, you may take your anger at me, but I’m not the first nor the last to complain about your service, please take sometime to look around this website, and probably others to find out where you went wrong, and maybe find ways to gain back people’s confidence in you, not alienate them further as you’ve clearly done here.

Well said Mel:)