I’m not sure what it was, but I obviously owe you a BIG apology for making some massive mistakes on my journey to work this morning. What other reason could there have been that made it necessary for you to cut me up FIVE separate times?

I know I should have ignored it and given you a wide berth, which, in truth I did do the first four times. It’s just that you kept on taking such unusual lane-choosing decisions in the traffic that I eventually ended up ahead of you each time. (For which, of course, I apologise wholeheartedly. Your big, sexy, man’s bike is much shinier, faster, more manly, cooler, etc than my pathetic girly scooter, and I should have known my place.)

And then, after the fifth time, I’m ashamed to admit that I was stupid enough to say, when we were stopped at the lights: “Am I invisible or something?”. I’m happy to accept that this act of senseless and outrageous provocation on my part left you no other choice than to say: “Do you want to pull over and we can sort it out?”, and then to weave around on the corner of Hyde Park Corner, trying to nudge my bike and run me out of the lane, into the other traffic…

…Now grow up, learn to ride your bike properly, and get over your pathetic, dangerous habits, you silly to$$er.

Apology accepted.


What bike were they on? I don’t like bullying in any form especially on the roads. Why are some many people riding like such c*nts at the moment?

I have to agree with that H. I’ve only been back nearly a week and riding into work last week was a nightmare! Aggressive prats that can’t ride for toffee. I’ve decided on being stuck in traffic in the car this week instead. A lot less chaotic.

Big (?grey?) Yamaha (?FZR? ?FJR?). Twin exhausts (got a good look at those as he swung in front of me so closely each time that I was only about a foot away from the cans).

If he wasn’t so bloody dangerous, it would have been funny. Every junction we come up to, he chooses e.g. the left hand lane when in fact he wants to go right.

I’m happily in the RH lane, thinking “Oh good. He’s going the other way. Excellent!”. I go on my way…going right…and then Mr Mad-Arse comes from the left lane right across all the rest of the traffic (and I’m talking Hyde Park Corner here, approaching from Buck House, so that’s 3 or 4 lanes of farily busy traffic) and forces his way in front of me so that I have to come to a standstill or hit him.

But he would then do such stupid weaving around in the traffic that without racing I’d generally end up in front of him at the next lights.

As I say, it would have been funny if he’d not been so aggressive and dangerous. I can (hopefully) handle myself, but that’s hardly the point.

We all need to be careful of summer-hero’s coming out of hibernation.

I fuggin hate them;):P:D

this is london…

dont let it get to you, no one has any manners…

and stop racing big bikes :stuck_out_tongue:

DVLA doesn’t have a record of a Yamaha with that registration.

The trouble is that now the weather is dry and it’s warm in the mornings, you get all sorts of idiots who only ride a couple of weeks per year.

I’m seeing this type of stupidity every day lately and tend to avoid them passively by filtering down the other gap or swooping around giving them a really wide birth.

The regulars on the M4 all seem to recognise one another and we know who is more / less progressive and move around accordingly.

I always wave to the left or leg out to the right when I pass a bike.

That’s interesting. My memory may not be the sharpest, but I was pretty sure that I was saying it to myself all the way from Marble Arch to Marylebone to try and remember it.

If you try and check the tax status of the vehicle online it says the registration isn’t recognised, but it only needs the make or one character of the registration to be wrong to give that result.

Oh well. That could well be my faulty powers of recall.

There must be something in the air. I’ve definitely noticed that riding in town at the moment is like doing battle. It’s madness. What is going on? :crazy:

this ain’t at all far away from catching up with the cage attitude!.

It’s a shame that everytime I ride through town, it seems that ever more cars seem to want to knock me off. I don’t get it. :pinch: Maybe it’s just the pressure of living in the big smoke.

Shame they can’t see my beaming smile, trying to charm them into niceness.

that may actually be the cause of it all…:stuck_out_tongue: