Hi all,
I was looking for an helmet online and got a very good deal for the Scorpion air 750 vintage on a french site called MCOM MOTO

When I got the delivery I realised that they had sent me the wrong colour (white instead of black) so I rang them but none could speak english so thanks to a french friend we call them up asking for a replacement or for the refund.

They said that i had to ship the helmet back and they would send me the correct one and refund me the shipping cost by providing them the receipt from royal mail.

I paid £45 for that and was told ok from them.

After few days I got an email (all in french) saying that the black helmet was not avail and i could chose something else or have the refund.
I chose the refund but i only got the money from the helmet, not the shipping.
The £45 are as a credit with them!!!

After few calls and emails (all in french) where i clearly said all their mistakes( wrong delivery, they said that the correct one was in stock, they said they would refund the shipment) they still keep my money as a credit

I’m furious now i will buy something and start shame them in every possible way!!

Hmmmmmm… I smell KAOS!

It’s a French website/vendor. They don’t really give a sheeet aboot ze Inglish customerssss…

let alone anyone else

I doubt he covered much of ‘Le Code Civil des Français’ in his training.

As to the OP, it’s a French company located in France with a website written solely in French, yet you seem surprised/put out by the fact that they only communicate in French? :blink:

I wonder, when communicating with people who don’t speak english would you also type like you would talk?


All joking aside though, keep pushing them… sounds like they may be more incompetent than malicious at the moment.

trust me i tried hard, I copy and pasted their words where they said “don’t worry we have the correct one”, " we will refund you the shipping cost"…

The only thing should be go there and get the money in cash either way!

All I can do is to just buy £45 worth of stuff and then start putting bad reviews everywhere i can…

Did you pay by credit card?

yes I pad by credit card, i got the refund for the helmet though, is the return shipment that has been “credited to my account” with them

not sure now if i paid royal mail with credit card, if so what could i do?


You paid the shop for the helmet using your credit card & the company has refunded that transaction.

Even if you paid Royal Mail with a credit card, you paid them to take item X from you at location A & deliver it safely to the shop in location B which they have done, so they have fully completed their side of the contract.

Also even if they hadn’t delivered it safely, you can only chase up the credit card company for transactions over £100.

Afraid at the end of the day if the shop won’t refund you the £49 all you can do to get it back would be to sue them through the French legal system for the money, which for the sum involved would be daft.

The only practical options open to you are to either keep on pestering them for a refund in the hope that they’ll do so in order to get rid of you, or more realistically buy something with the credit note & put it down to experience.