Shame- MCE

Another MCE topic-was going to tag it on to Leon’s but I think its deserves another thread.

In short…

28 March 2011: Phone MCE to check if I’d be insured to volunteer for the SERV ‘bloodrunners’ charity. Registered my interest with SERV and got an application form. MCE tell me to email this question across, I do.

7 April 2011: I chase- I know they as a real person acknowledged my initial email.


18 April: I chase again

20 April: MCE say they are still waiting to hear from the insurer.

20 May: I chase again, politely reminding them that they are the broker, this is their role and that I have SERV waiting on this decision.

26 May: MCE: ‘I have passed this on to a customer service team leader so you should receive an answer promptly’

19 July (I have been busy, not my job to chase this!): Chased with another strong email, made my feelings clear what will happen at renewal time. Again, reminded them that this is the job of the broker, this is what we pay them for.

19 July: MCE: You are covered, we phoned you to tell you about this in late June.

Now, there are a lot of things that have pissed me off here. Most importantly, it took over three months to respond to a simple quesiton. Onmce we are paid up and through the door it seems like they aren’t bothered. I didn’t take a phonecall, it could have gone to an old number, but why respond to this massive email chain (given that they insisted it must be written) with a phonecall? Somebody at SERV thinks I’ve wasted their time and I’ve had to keep chasing these idiots.


Customer service at MCE is very slow - you might as well just send them a message in a bottle!

“smiles better service”… are they f****** for real. I would prefer thier hold talk if it just said

“this is crap service, but then we were 40% cheaper than any other quote. You get what you pay for”

But are we the mugs for going cheap?

An update anyway…this week I got a letter saying “we need you to call us urgently about your policy”. I call them: ring ring, ring ring, (repeat times 999,999).

Me: so what do you want?

MCE: Just letting you know you’re covered for SERV

So I got a letter asking me to call them to tell me some news they’d taken 3 months to send me an email telling me they’d left the voicemail on a number I no longer own!

Not good.

piss up and brewery spring to mind…

and yes, we are the mugs for picking the cheapest quote. Unfortunately for me, the difference in price meant going fully comp with them or TPFT elsewhere and I figured same money but better cover was sensible. As it turns out, had to change policies anyway for the gixxer and had to drop to TPFT!!!

That’s just ludicrous… I feel for you but I can’t stop laughing…

And here I thought my mum was bad for texting me to tell me she sent me an e-mail!!! :smiley: