Shame: MCE have a cheek advertising on this site!

Just a little rant - and a word of warning for anyone else who is thinking of taking out MCE insurance.

Bought mine with breakdown recovery included.

On second thoughts I decided to upgrade to European cover - I ring them once, twice, three times - finally on the 4th attempt they take my money.

Then I check to see if its all gone through - MCE didnt have a clue about it and more worryingly the breakdown peole still had me down for UK cover only.

So I ring once - get disconnected - ring twice, three times and finally on my fourth attempt was promised a call-back…can you guess what happened? Thats right! they didnt call!!!

So i ring then again and again - get put through a thousand and one very unhelpful, in a hurry teenagers who either just passed the buck or disconnected me.

Then my clutch cable goes so i ring recovery - ask them what they have me down for…and you know what? you got it…just UK cover only.

I finally blew my lid and threatened them to take them to the FIA and what do you know? It gets sorted. I must have spent 6 hours on tryinng to sort this out with a total of about 12 calls and having gone through 6 or 7 different people.

I’m beginning to see what Obe-1-Knobe (or however you spell it) was on about. Not the kind of service I would have expected from this company at all - but then again - you get what you pay for and I didnt pay that much!!

SO if anyone out there is thinking of going with MCE…you’ve been warned - dont even THINK about changing anything after you’ve bought the policy!

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Im on the phone RIGHT NOW - trying to tell MCE that ill be off around Europe soon - as they ask me to do in my policy. (Phone them that is)Ive been on the phone for 27 minutes so far and have been passed 3 times.


MCE…don’t get me started! I had the misfortune to be insured through them. I decided to change my bike a couple of months ago. I called up, got the quote for the new bike, told them that I’d call them when I had a delivery date and emphasised that they should not cancel my existing policy until I told them to. Three weeks later, I got the call from the dealer to say that my new bike had arrived and giving me the delivery date. I called MCE and told them that I wanted to trigger the new policy and cancle the old one. To discover…yes, you’ve guessed it…they had cancelled my policy on the date that I called them. So I had been riding around for nearly three weeks without insurance. Oh, and I had an insurance policy for a bike that I didn’t own!!!

im with aqoute innsurance i can have my main bike r1(475 fully comp) and upto 3 otherbikes for 20 quid a go all fully comp allways get good service and a little tip if you ask them for a quote say is that the best you can do i rang up to get my step son insured on his aprillia rs 125 he is seventeen well was at the time 975 the qoute came back i said is that the best you can do got put through to their managers team got it for 475 fully comp great service get cover notes the next day , and allways very helpfull

I will NEVER get insured with them again - id rather pay more to not get this hassle!!

Exactly what I said after I was last insured with Bennetts. Never used MCE, though.

Ha Ha Bennetts :smiley:

Good for you for giving them the boot…My mate was charged £500 on top of the £249 he paid originally to insure his 49cc scooter.

Why did they charge him £500?

They wrote to him saying that his premium was going up due to the increase in cost for insurance generally across the industry.

This letter was sent whislt he was in Spain for 2 weeks and on his return, he saw the big fat £500 charged on his bank statement.

Can you believe that?


feckinn hell!.
street robbers most of them-but in an office!.

with mce at the moment,
seriously cheap, but seriously retarded/useless staff.
wont even bother explaining the amount of hassle i had with them for the first month or so trying to get the paperwork right.

when the new bike arrives, I’ll be sticking with them to finish the policy to claim the no claims, but will never never go back to them!

we have had bikes and cars insured with them for years and never had a problem, my mate had 3 bikes nicked in 8 days and they paid out straight away with no problem on all of them, cant fault them.

Can I add Express Insurance to the list of companies that are probably not going to please you?

Wont bore you with the deatails, just let you know I will not be areturning customer next year…or ever.

Had problems getting the details of my policy right when I first set it up, but have been fairly good when I had an accident recently.
They are always have a friendly manner.
I have had call backs and emails to let me know they had tried to contact me.
Amended policy documents have been provided free of charge.
Relatively prompt answering the phone when compared to some.

Bumblebee - sounds very frustrating!

My name is Dominic @ MCE Insurance, sorry to hear you’ve had this experience and we are concerned you’ve had this problem when arranging your insurance with mce.

We want to sort this out - please can you give me a call on 0870 420 71 71 - direct line to me…

Speak soon

Dominic - 0870 420 71 71

Bumblebee, sorry to read this :angry:
I hope you get everything sorted out.

I’m moving this to praise or shame if that’s OK with you? I feel that this topic would be more suited there.

I sympathize with you BB, as I have recently a terrible experience with Bennetts, the most incompetent insurance company i have ever dealt with.

They recently quoted me £672 fully comp, when it was time to renew my insurance, which was more than I had previously paid. When I called them to query the quote and said I was not going to accept it, they offered me another cheaper one of £500. The guy then siad he would call me to confirm whether I wanted it.

Nothing happened, until £672 was removed from my account without permission (no standing order / direct debit had been set up), I called to complain, they said they would call me in 2 days and it would be sorted. Again, nothing happened so I called again and they said they were going to investigate it and would call me back in 7 days. Guess what? Nothing happened, so i wrote a letter of complaint asking that they get back to me. Nothing happened again, so I called and they said they would refund the money forthwith, with immediate effect, and that my bike would no longer be insured with them and they were canceling the policy. Great result!! I then insured my bike with Direct Choice for £270 !!

However …with Bennetts, nothing happened again, no money was refunded, so i called again and they said I needed to send the certificate of insurance back, which I did… guess what…no refund!! They are a disaster!! I am skint because of their incompetence, so i would say, only insure with them if you are a millionaire and have the patience of a saint.

I hope you sort you insurance disaster out, Bumble Bee, but don’t even think about changing to Bennetts, they are a customer relations nightmare and I am still out of pocket with a bike that’s now insured twice over!!

Good luck anyway!!

Hels, I had similar “service” from Bennetts, my insurance comes to an end next Monday 30th after a year . . . Bennetts have still not managed to get me a certificate of insurance which is correct, there are errors on it, they loose anything you send them, they lie to you, are incompetant, what more can I say, never ever use Bennetts, just a complete waste of money.

Yes I called them yesterday and they had lost my certificate of insurance I had sent them back, and said that they would send me a ‘lost insurance certificate form’ to fill out as it was ‘against the road traffic act’ to refund my money without it (which they had illegally stolen and then issued a certificate without my permission)

I agree with you Steve, as I have dealt with a few insurance companies and Bennetts have been utter crap

Anyone who insures with them needs their heads examining.