Shame - London Underground - AGAIN

We have all suffered the fate of strikes but them over the station office closures but seriously after the way I was spoken to today they can go F*** themselves if they think I will ever back them!

Got to bond street I could not get on the underground, all I asked the woman was any reason I could not get on here to the response

“there is a poster behind you why not read it, or you could listen to the tanoy” (now typed that does not sound that bad, it was the way she said it like I was too lazy or the such but bare in mind I’d only just walked into the station and not been there so how the hell was I to know)

So if thats how we get treated good riddens in my opinion

and your reply to her was:

a) excuse me madam, are you on your period?

b) stupid bitch, do your job and answer the question?

c) you just wait until i post this on LB, that’ll show you! ?


im like that everyday maybe I could work for TFL

I’d recommend tucking your flaps in and getting back on the bike! :slight_smile:

You’re boycotting the tube now because someone who works there was rude to you once? Surely you’re running short on places you still patronise?

lol, ever since your bike got stolen your trolling has increased over 9000 :slight_smile:

lol I’m not boycotting the underground (unfortunatley my jobs does not allow for it)…

tbh I get annoyed with the strikes as it is, but when station staff treat you like this for asking a simple question ther will get zero support from me…

luckily for me though, my work is starting to be more office based which means I am using the tube less and less soon I’ll be back on a bike and commuting like I once did.

Haha, I thought I’d make a conscious effort to be part of this community, forgetting that I’m a grumpy bastard when I’m indoors… :slight_smile: