Shame - London Scooters

2 weeks ago, I popped down to these guys in London bridge, as they have this for sale. Did seem a little cheap - and of course, as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

I was told it had been fallen over while stationary and so had some scratches on the crash protection that was fitted (had a full compliment of GB racing stuff). Plus to my amateur eye, the right hand side mirror had scratches on the back. I was assured that the guys in the workshop had gone over it all and it was fine. The guy in charge there told me that he had bought it as his daily ride, and had checked it over and it was fine underneath. Felt a bit reassured as they are a bike/scooter dealer, and better rights (if buying from a dealer 14 day refund period under EU law, and sale of goods act more effective too). Bought it and had a great day/night blasting around getting used to what is undoubtedly a fun bike with decent performance.

Then… popped over to Metropolis, who I know pretty well, and asked the main Triumph mechanic to take a look. He immediately spotted a shorn headlight bracket (400 pound replacement), leaking fork seals, ding in the front wheel (that wasn’t straight), and a host of other small problems, along with glued parts under the fairings etc - evidently the bike had been in a big bang and there was quite a bit of damage that had been bodged over. When I mentioned that the seller had told me it had been dropped on the side stand, the mechanic laughed and said that with the level of damage that was extremely unlikely. He said even if the bike was HPI clear, the level of damage would have meant it should have been a CAT D if it was reported to the insurance company - would be very expensive to return to good order.

I called London Scooters and initially the guy (Reuben) didn’t want to give me a refund, until I explained that legally he had to and the bike wasn’t as described etc. Eventually he agreed to take it back saying “at this price it will sell quickly”. I dropped the bike and got a refund 3 days later, so can’t fault for that really. I wouldn’t expect a trade seller to sell a bike as being slightly scruffy and mechanically sound, when in fact there was a fair bit of crash damage. Now I know better - and I bought another one last week which is in great nick. Lesson learnt - will always get an expert opinion!