Shame - Lidl

Don’t buy em!! Theymay be nice and cheap at £20 but they scratch your tank. Both Anna’s and mine are scratched now and I’m not best pleased.

The only way to use em now is to have a cloth under it and then use straps under the tank :angry:

Any tank bag without a tank cover will tend to do that and in addition move the marble towards the centre ground.

been using mine for two years now and not had a problem apart from the time there was a coin on one of the magnets that i didn’t notice until i took the tank bag off

the marble has been moved :slight_smile:

I use one of these:

Whenever I use a tank bag.

They pretty cheap and I am sure you can get them cheaper then that, I think I heard you can buy them in pound shops, but mine is one that someone cut down for themselves and then cut too far and it was useless, so I nabbed it for the tank bag.

I’v got 40l worth of Kriega tail pack so I’m good in that dept :slight_smile:

We are reliably informed that the Lidl tank bag is stable to 130mph so you should have no worries Jaime. The Baglux has been independently tested in fully extended mode to speeds in excess of 200kph.

Sad to say the enclosed piglet did not make it home to Wembly alive.

That said it still tasted great.

See our facebook for the recepie.

“Pigs in clover and a nice bit of sauce.”

i found that the bags front magnets start to flap at just over the national limit. this makes it slide back a bit. perhaps on a sport bike with a fairing they will be better?

maybe because u had it full of oil haha

I noticed that on only the fourth time of using the Lidl bag it has scratched my tank, so rather miffed I searched Google to see if it was unusual. Well no it isnt, it seems almost everyone who uses a tank bag without protecting the tank has a tank scratch story…

Next time will try a few layers of clingfilm or a thin towel. The non slip stuff is also available from car accessory shops to stop stuff sliding about on car shelves, I know Morrisons have sold it in the past, may try that as well.

Buy the non-slip stuff in your local pound shop…
I have always used it to protect the paintwork when carrying luggage, and can personally recommend the Lidl tankbag, having tested it at speeds of 170+ :slight_smile:

i didn’t have my tank bag at BM :wink:

the non slip stuff is a good idea and I do have some but the scratches are not central but half way over to the side near the magnets.

yeah my bike looks a bit f*cked now with them scratches, especially left side (i think) has a loooong scratch :frowning: