Shame - Kwik Fit

Friday morning, good mood and as I went out for a cig, I found my front left tyre on the car is flat… Why was flat was quite obvious. So quick call to nearest Kwikfit to check are they open or not.

So after 20k+ miles and 4 years finally I had to use my spare one. My heart was bleeding to use these clean tools but well.

Upon arrival at Kwikfit, one of mechanics comes over to back of my car, without touching tyre said I need new one… well I really was nice this time and after my speech with subject “Cool story bro” he ask for backup, slightly older mechanic comes over and look at the tire and spotted that tire was used and then there is mark on side (well that happens when is de-pressurised) at the end they can’t fix it I have to buy new one, for only £140. (as far I remember the flat + balance is about £10-£15 not good margin for some businesses)

Well at that point I said thank you and decide to look somewhere else.

Nearby there is some mickey mouse tyre change garage with constant queue of cars, for some reason, so I made decision to try there.

First guy took tyre out of the boot, look at it carefully and said, I can fix it for about £10 but you may consider one of our partly worn tyres. I then was defending my point so he found exact type of Primacy HP which I have on the car. Well so I said, fair enough as it is the same and in some countries it is illegal to have 2 different type of tyres because of different grip factor. I asked for a price of swap and balance… and here ladies and gentlemen: £30 cash money.

So nobrainer for me. At top of that he pointed out that I have 2-3k on brake pads, swap of those will be £25+pads for a pair. So why he always have a queue become quite obvious. Quick honest service for fraction of the price. Why kwik-fit struggling, well not everyone will go for new tyre every time he gets a flat.

I know is more Car related but is still a vehicle and I believe it will help others to make a choice.

Size of both buildings/garages kwik fit vs this garage, similar so no, they don’t have to pay the rent.


I have found that it depends on the Krap fit you go to. There are two near me, one is like your one, the other will repair anything apart from sidewall damage or a wide cut.

The useless ones replaced an exhaust box on my old Volvo, it rattled, I took it back several times got fed up, this is when I discovered the other branch. “Well mate it will rattle its on upside down!”

Now the crazy thing is, the lousy one is always busier than the good one.

As they say “Go figure”!

My cars no-longer grace the forecourts of KwikFit.

Mrs Art dropped in at the KwikFit at Romford Road, Manor Park (A118 just off A406) about 3 or 4 years back. No less than four fitters gave an opinion on what was needed - new disks and pads all round and just £500.00 too. When Mrs Art declined their service , she was offered it for half price, then it became clear for half price they do just half the work, fronts only. Since the reason she dropped in in the first place was due to a noise from the rear she declined that too.

When she got home I had the wheels off, inspected and measured the disks and pads and found them all to be well within manufacturers service limits. One of the rear pads had picked up a small stone which had become embedded into the side of the pad and was grinding against the disk. There was hardly any sign of damage to the disk so I just replaced the rear pads at a cost of £18.00 the set from my local motor factor plus a couple of hours of my time :wink:

But if you don’t want to DIY the small Independent outlets always offer a better service and cost base, I bet they source their part worns from KwikFit too :w00t:

Another example about kwik-****. Bought my wife used MB A class in nice bucket colour. Tyres gone. Went for new ones but security bolts socket is long gone from the car. So here is a main part. Kwik fit said it will cost me £160 to remove security bolts and I have to join some RAC club or whatever. 2 min down the road private garage said £40 5 min job. Bang bang done.

It’s a real gamble with kwik fit. A similar situation happened a couple years back to a girl I was with… Her car got a nail in the tyre, we were right by a kwik fit, they said no repair on that, you’ll have to buy a new one…

I said no thanks, stuck the spare on and we drove off…

A couple days later my missus took her car to a different kwik fit, near where she lived, and the guys there repaired the tyre for free.

So EvilBlade, maybe try and act a little bit sexier and more lady-like te next time you have to go kwik fit?

You have seen me Conrad, is anything more sexier than this (pointing at myself)? But on lady-like ground I thing if I would try very hard, my near ladytobe compare would be Susan Boyle.

Well they certainly have company policy, and I believe being next to quite big Ford dealer plays a loot. They just don’t care, money will come anyway. The garage in question is one on Ripple Road, next to Ford and Merc dealer.


PS. On the pads Art is right, it is easy enough job, and I’m finding it quite relaxing, however fiddling around under car on your driveway looks a bit silly so garage is a must for that. Back in days the only bit what was stopping me was engine of modern car no because I don’t understand it, it is to heave to took it out. Everything else was done on my block of flats, secured backyard, pads/suspension/small body work/anti-corrosion sprays etc.

There’s never going to be a paise for Kwik Fit is there? Come on now. Not to mention they are fooking expensive.

Yep same experience for me. Some C***Fit centres are good, others are cowboys. So, question, is there any value in the brand? I think not!

I have praise for a Kwik fit … “Borrowed” ahem :Whistling: my brothers GT5 turbo … Put it in a ditch backwards ,tore the rear exhaust box section clean off . Feck the feckity feck where the feck is gona have one of them before he gets home at 3 … Yup … kwik fit had one ,all fitted and done was about 40-50 quid if I remember rightly … twas the mid 90s so a while ago … but none the less they saved my life :smiley:

Kwik fit Chelsea and Hammersmith and Guildford have been ok for me. I’ve had a few punctures repaired, MOTs and new tyres fitted. Ordering you tyres online from their website saves a fortune.

I never trust Kwikashtters ever since they tried to get bme to buy a whole back box exhaust when the only problem was a broken clamp…grrr

re they franchised? They smell like it.

Tr and use small independants where I can…they usually quote cheaper too.