Shame - KTM supermoto, 7.45am 01/10/14 Tower Bridge north side

KTM supermoto (poss 690 but didn’tget to see clearly at his speed), rider with tour-x type lid with black go-promounted on top. North side of Tower Bridge / A100 on bridge approach in 20 zone,him heading southbound, me north, around 7.45am this morning. Massive shame tohim. Utterly embarrassed to see any fellow biker behave like that.

Anyone on here or know thetool? He’ll likely have what happened on his go-pro, although seeing whatmassive bully he is (i.e. massive pussy when confronted) he’ll most likely havedeleted it by fear I take him to police. Pr1ck.

More details required of said incident :Whistling:

Started off as a standard filterin gthing, I heading north on pedal cycle pull out <1m onto south bound carriageway to filter past car in front. Both sides of road are 2 lanes without massive traffic @ 7.45am. He, 50m away pulls out to filter past a puling in bus. I move back onto north carriageway side to make sure he has enough space, although he could have pulled back in nearside lane once passed the bus as he was still 30m away to allow us both to make progress. Instead opens the taps and comes right at me, him on the median white line. Had I not ducked well back onto my side he would have hit me, with approach speed between both of us likely >50mph, so I’d be KSI. Most kuntish riding I’ve seen for a long time.



get over it.

If it’s any consolation, he probably didn’t do it intentionally and rode away thinking “****, that was close and stupid”.

So you both were playing chicken / filtering and you lost?

would you like some help with your reading?

These threads are so boring. How can you be bothered to log into a computer and type this **** up.

Get over it. People do silly things. Nothing happened in this case so move on

so you were on the wrong side of the road when there was oncoming traffic and you want sympathy?

WTF is wrong with the postersabove? I’m on my side of the road after considerately pulling back in and this tit pins it, changes course to almost hit me, utterly intentionally. When the non-arse rider would pull to their left to allow both of us to progress, so at the very least a ban for dangerous driving. So not cool.

When I’m not on a bicycle I ride a MC to a pretty high standard and have 100k+ miles in the last 15 years, so I’m much more aware than the average cyclist that this is an isolated incident due to utter cockishness riding. And yet the power rangers posting on here, whom I doubt can ride as well as they posture, want to forgive and make this out as London riding, which it very certainly isn’t. This guy will likely end up killing someone or himself, and yet you sayget over it. And we wonder why fewer young riders are joining our ranks, yet no-one’s prepared to call out dicks for what they are.

At the very least if this cock does this to a non-motorcyclist cyclist they’ll hate MCs and spread the word to cyclist mates how dangerous we all are. So next time county hall has a review of MC’s using bus lanes and we’re kicked out due to the inconsiderate and dangerous riding of a few, I’m pretty sure the guys above will be the first to whinge and complain about how they’re discriminated against.

Sceats, calm down a bit. I’m sure that the rider in question is a complete penis of the highest order, but, on here we get these shame threads ALL THE TIME!!! and mostly it is pointless bleating, and the kind of garbage we see every day of the week, hence the lack of sympathy. if we all posted on here every time we were aggrieved by another road user, this would be a very boring forum. So, you have had your rant, and now you feel better, job done. but was it really necessary?

And please don’t presume to question any bodies riding ability, that is just petty and childish, and perhaps it is that superior, holier than thou attitude which has resulted in the responses above.

and if you dare to suggest again that I am, of all things, a power ranger :sick: we might have to have serious words!!!:D:):wink:

Fair pointalthough I think aggrieved is a little understated when someone tries to run intoyou. But rant over.

If anyonedoes happen to know the chap I’d be most interested to make their acquaintanceto talk about it and to help prevent such activity happening again / to others, which wasthe original but admittedly unrealistic point of the thread.

Try not assuming malice, and instead assuming he just fucked up. Everyone does it from time to time.

Do you really think that would help? The likelihood is that either he did it intentionally and doesn’t care for preventing recurrence, or he made a mistake and is probably still thinking about how much of a twat he was.

found them. you were saying? :smiley:
kinda makes sense that people get annoyed with “rants” but here’s a tip, if you read the title and it looks like it might be a rant post…don’t read it.
stops all kinds of negativity. lets not confuse what I’m saying, i am NOT saying you cannot have an opinion, nor that you cannot voice it just because its in opposition to the initial subject, however, you don’t like it? fine, don’t post, don’t read it, move on, have a lovely day.

It was her! I’d recognize that bikini anywhere.

In a weirdly optimistically way,once the red midst had subsided and I decided not to chase him back over the bridge,try to catch him at either set of the lights and make a citizen’s arrest (whichmight have been comedy if not high-risk), I somewhat naively thought it might. Pointingout that changing course to accelerate towards me whilst pinning it isterrifying, and totally damaging as it’ll just make more people anti MC whichnone of us wants, just might land and sink in.

TBH I see far more frequent wanky cyclists behaving terribly around town and usually if threatening me Imake my point known and it (sometimes!) works. I don’t have much truck with the ‘leave themto it as it won’t change their behaviour’ argument as societies don’t tend to worklike that. The power to confirm to norms - don’t speed past schools / drinkdrive / let your dog poo everywhere - as everyone will hate you has doneremarkable things to turn around behaviours in the last 30 years. If you lookat the number of RLJ cyclists now in comparison to 2 years ago it’s much lower,hopefully due to other cyclists like me slow-clapping and shouting at thosethat do.

So who knows. Maybe I’ll bumpinto him on a track day and over a cuppa we can both agree to disagree, but bemore considerate to other road users. Especially if I get to wear that bikini…

if you werent smart enough to have words there and then, all of the above is completely useless.

next time be quicker with your comebacks. preferably to the person in question, not to a random forum to which the possibility of him belonging to is actually quite slim. :smiley:

Possibly more a problem with catching up an MC on a bicycle than Esprit de’l’escalier.

I’d be very careful if you do decide to try and pull that on someone bud, you may find yourself on the bad end of a really bad hiding.

As the guys have said, I get almost hit at least 3 times every time I jump on the bike. The issue in the UK is the cycle lanes are not segregated and cyclists constantly do the stupidest of things. Yesterday I ended up almost slumping one on the corner of green lanes / finsbury park as he’d pulled in front of the lights and didn’t realise traffic was moving until it was on top of him, went to splurt off and rode into my arc as I was turning left. Good gopro footage, he even let out a little whimper.

Unfortunately all of this is part of riding in the city, especially if you are on a push bike. There are a lot of bullies out there unfortunately but it’s something you’ll have to put up with if you’re intent on cycling in the city. I live with a girl who’s massive into her pushbike, part of all sorts of clubs and she absolutely refuses to ride in the city or anywhere populated as it’s just too dangerous. Police need to be a lot sharper enforcing the law when it comes to cyclists, I can’t imagine how people would behave in their cars if there were no repercussions for running red lights, driving over pavements, driving around in the middle of the night with no lights etc etc etc.

Anyway before this turns into a rant about cyclists… :slight_smile:

Just be glad nobody got hurt and put it down to experience. As someone else mentioned, I doubt he meant to almost hit you as he’s also on a bike which would almost certainly go down if he did.

Is this available in red head?