Shame: Just Bikes, Leigh On Sea, Essex

I bought a CBR600F for £1400 from Just Bikes last month. Unfortunately I had just crashed my beloved TDM 850 on the way to work so needed another bike quickly. I live about an hour and a half away from the Just Bikes shop as I was visiting family at the time and this was the only time I had to get hold of a bike.

After looking around I found the CBR. Went to the counter, asked if I could take it away that day - answer was yes no problem, but they would have to put an MOT on it. So I paid in full there and then.

After waiting around for an hour and a half the MOT was not finished, so I asked what was taking so long. Turned out that the rev counter and speedo had lost power and they couldn’t get it fixed. Fair play, they did offer me a refund there and then, but this was a Saturday and like most people I work so I didn’t have anytime to find another bike, so I declined the refund and they said they would be able to fix it during the week.

What’s pi**ed me off is that they didn’t call me during the week to let me know when the bike was being fixed when they knew I needed the bike to get to work. I had to call them to find out that they were ordering new parts. So following that I was forced to find another bike as this one would not be ready in time!

I rang up from home to ask for the refund they had offered me and they said I had to go to the shop to get a refund as supposedly they couldn’t refund on to my card without me being there. I know this is crap as I work in retail and we refund customers over the phone who have paid by card in the shop all the time, and why should I waste my weekend driving a 3 hour round trip just to get a refund? When I asked if they could refund by cheque the answer was no as it would cost them money…! (not my problem)

I still had the logbook, spare key and MOT for this bike and they called to ask for them back as they had sold the bike to another customer (who had paid a deposit). This was no problem to send back - except - once I called the final time to ask again about getting my refund the owner laughed when I said I wanted the cost of my postage back (which is only a few quid but why should I incur the cost when it’s not my fault?).

Finally I’ve got my refund without having to travel from Sussex up to Leigh-On-Sea, but only after loads of hassle and crappy communication.

So basically I’m saying be wary if visiting JustBikes in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex. The owner is rude, gave me loads of crap about how hard it is to run a business and sells bikes twice when the original buyer still has the Logbook, MOT and Spare Key!

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why did ya post it anyway? ya should have said come and pick em up like you had to.

Gsxr rocker, you’re right - hadn’t thought of that!! :w00t:

not overly convinced it was all the garages fault…just one of those things…and to be fair it is bloody hard to run a business in this country…

I know it’s hard - I run one! I’m more annoyed about the shops attitude than anything else.