SHAME! Hyside Motorcycles Collier Row

Went there to get my mot, proper nightmare.

My chain was too tight and they failed it on that when it would of taken em 5 mins to sort it.

Failed me on my exhuast for being too loud even though its road legal and has a kite mark.

They weren’t especially friendly, and had no area to wait while the mot was taking place ended up just standing around for 30 mins.

They will not be getting my custom again thats for sure…

Try Bill buns in Ealing top shop and real nice people.

not defending the shop at all but strictly speaking on the MOT test you are NOT allowed to carry out any repairs to the bike during the test especially on the new computerised system

however as a curtesy they should have done it for you

they shouldn’t have failed the exhaust if it was legally marked unless it has baffles removed or it’s leaking either

the no waiting room is a bit crap but again all the station has to supply is a viewing area

you can complian to the VOSA if you are unhappy with your test results

if you want any help/info call me at my shop


The Motorcycle Centre

01273 677736