Shame - Honda

Now charging parts & labour on 1st service of a brand new bike :unsure:

This could be because of the current economic climate. They’ve shut down most of their car production for the time being. I don’t think it’s fair to shame an entire brand because you have to pay for a service.

Good point, there are many more pressing reasons.:slight_smile:

Er… dude - this is a motorbike forum - I think your assumption that I’m shaming an entire brand is a bit too focussed - but in case everybody else thinks the same, then my apologies - HONDA MOTORCYCLES - ok? Cool with that?

I emailed Honda about it and they said that the service is no longer included in the price of the bike, which insinuates it was never free in the first place - but this is the only UK manufacturer who currently charges labour on the first service of a brand new bike.

And while I’m on - Joby - if Honda’s business model doesn’t allow them to react to economic downturn, that’s their problem. In my job, I deliver the business principles that Toyota have developed over the last 50 years and they, as you may have noticed, have reduced wages by 10% in the UK and reduced production because they understand the effect that lowered customer demand will have on their business, whilst valuing the skills of the people they employ and continuing to deliver what their customers want - cost cutting from the customer end is not an option in Toyota’s book.

I understand this industry on an intimate level becasue I live it everyday, so if you want to use the economic climate as a reason to challenge the point I was making, at least do so with an understanding of the industry to which you are referring, rather than just making a sweeping statement that has little basis in fact.

was it in their T&C? did you read the T&C or just assume ? you allways paid for the first service, you just paid for it in the cost of the bike (and if you paid for the bike on finance you actually overpaid for the service due to interest charges)
nothing wrong with highlighting the fact that Honda have changed their operating practices, everything wrong with going off on one because someone had the temerity to answer back.

I was told when I first asked the dealer about the bike that first service was free - went back 2 weeks later and wasn’t told (nor was it advertised anywhere) that the T&Cs had changed since our earlier conversation, so I feel genuinely ragged by the situation.

Is there a particular reason you feel you need to be involved with my reply to Joby? He passed comment, I commented on his assumptions and took issue with the way he presented his point to me.

If you think that is

then I would question your understanding of my response.

This isn’t General Chat - this is Experiences Praise Or Shame - Joby intimated I was slating a whole brand and made reference to the car industry and I answered that point as moot. As far as I have researched, the bike industry is doing very well as a result of the economic climate - if somebody wants to take issue with my comments, I don’t have a problem with that; what I do have a problem with are ill thought out arguments that do not correspond to the initial point that was made; furthermore, I take issue with people seemingly (note ‘seemingly’) backing up that position because I choose to defend my stance on the matter.

no problem, you have your view I have mine, I think you overeacted, but I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time :slight_smile:

I’m glad you recognise you could be wrong - I think you are :smiley: That’s my view :smiley:

So anyway Kenny, what do you think about No To Bike Parking Fees? :P:D

Theres no such thing as a free service lunch:cool:

Stevie Ramone (15/03/2009)

Then you shouldn’t have to pay as you ask a specific question that was answered by a member of there staff and it was their responsibility to point out any changes that could invalid the answer they gave you on the first instance or they have to comply this the terms of the answer.

It is not REASONABLE for you to be expected to re-read the T&C but it is REASONABLE for you to think that what the salesman told you was accurate.

Shame should be on you for not knowing your consumers rights and not knowing how to complain more other than online after the fact when you can’t do anything about it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is assuming your statement about specifically asking the question is correct and you just didn’t ASSUMED…

I think stevie is right to shame Honda…I had a headlight bulb go on my 'bird @ 40K damn shoddy if you ask me :D:D:D:D:D

pmsl :D:D:D

A service, is that what it’s called now?. :wink: 1st Service is a glorified kicking of the tyre’s, nothing else. No wonder Honda were to happy to give it away free.

They started charging from 1st Jan. I was a bit miffed when I had to pay for labour on my first service because I went over the 600 mile mark… they ignored the fact that I booked my 600 mile service in good time, but that they couldn’t accommodate me in good time. I did make it clear that I would be over my mileage, but no one thought to tell me that I’d then have to pay labour. Meh… such is life I spose.

the only person how will profit from charging for a first service is the dealer not honda uk so its wrong to shame honda, they have probably deducted the price of the service from the bike.

D675 ghost rider (15/03/2009)

For someone who talks a lot about assumptions, you make a few of your own :smiley:

I just got my labour fee back off the dealer after speaking to Honda (to be clear - Honda Motorcycles, not the whole brand :stuck_out_tongue: )

I shouldn’t have had to complain in the first instance - a verbal contract is a contract nevertheless.

Still, not doing badly at the moment - sorted this and got them to reverse their decision not to replace my exhaust under warranty - just a shame I gotta fight for everything - not great customer service if they’re gonna back down at the first hint of legal action anyways >(

This happened to me aswell over the weekend at Dobles! :angry: was well pee’d off and disappointed. Though i had bought my bike in august 2008 and 6months down the line i had just over 400miles on the clock…it says in the service book ‘which ever came first’ so to me 6months did, booked the service 6months exact to the date i received the bike, they couldnt fit me in till after the 6th march so i said end of March would be bes for me (in order for me to get used to A roads etc) they were fine with that.

But since milage reached 1000 and they turned round charged me for it, not sure whether its reasonable or not but still cheesed off ESPECIALLY since i spoke to a Honda UK rep over the phone and they said ‘‘no u wont be charged!’’