SHAME HGB!!! Ruislip

Mate had a blow out on the A40 and needed a new set of 2cts on his new fireblade, with few options at the time he went to HGB to get a pair of tyres. And was over charged, the wheel weights which were in the centre on now on the edge of the wheel, leaving the marks from where they previously were. they lost the aftermarket ally valve caps and replace with plastic standard ones. and then they put a fat scratch on the rear rim!! in all a very poor service i nor friends will be going there again.

What are you calling overcharged? did they have to come out to him to do a mobile fit? did they recover his bike for him?

There is really no set place for wheel weights to go but normally they do go on the outside of the rim, they can’t help it if paint comes off the rim from old stuck on weights that’s just soething that happens, these have to be removed for them to re-balance for the new tyre

Boohoo…so they lost a £2.99 a pair set of valve caps, not sure how they can do that though seeing as they were probably workinbg within a 6 foot area changing the tyres, to be fair he probably did you a favour changing them to plastic caps anyhow, i’ve heard bad things about flashy valve caps.

Scratch in the rim can be avoided though, i agree with you there, the place i go to points out any defects in the wheel before they remove or re-fit a tyre so as to cover themself, maybe your friend should have said something to them?

They need to take them of in order to re-balance the wheels. Probably nothing they can do about that.

I would have binned the aftermarket valve caps too:w00t:… If he had rim tape on, i’d have taken that off to;):smiley:

As the other chaps have said, you need to remove all existing weights before you can balance a wheel.

The only real gripe you have as far as I can see is the rim damage which he should have mentioned at the time.

It is unusual to damage rims these days an the modern machinery doesn’t even touch the rim.

I used to get my Tuono and before that RSVR’s tires changed at a Yamaha dealer (closest and like the shop people) but no matter what they did they couldn’t change the tires without taking enamal off the wheel.

Even the local ATS couldn’t managed it without “homemade” bits being added to the wheel machine.

I was offered a full respray of wheels which was nice.

I’ve recently had a pair of newly powdercoated rims re-shod with Michelin’s finest and was very conscious of any damage to the perfect finish. As I say, the modern machines don’t actually touch the rim and the outcome was perfick:D

No he had the bike recovered by his breakdown ppl whoever they maybe, the weights were mounted in the same place as the were previously except on the edge of the rim so they could quite easily have put them back over the existing marks. normally go to honda chiswick and get an excellent service or rosso moto or sumin like that for the rubber, it might be acceptable to some to have their bike marked, however an immaculate bike should enter a garage immaculate and leave the same way.

and give it a quick blue&white lick of paint, yes :smiley:

Did your mate complain about the scratch??/ how can you shame them if he didn’t as you havn’t given them a chance to redeem themselves!!!

As for “normally get the rubber done at chiswick honda” there the most expensive place in london!!!

They wouldn’t of put the weights in the same place as it still has somwe of the previous glue/old weights there - so the new ones wont stick properly!!!

the guy that fits tyres at HGB RUISLIP is a car mechanic he is ****.i took my bike to him to have a new front tyre fitted he bent the front left disk because he put the spacers round the wrong way and jacked the bike up on the ighaust and also he puctured the rear tyre because he had tacks all over the garage and tried to say i puctured it on the road so i picked up one of the tacks off the floor and told him it was puntured in his garage.he went into the shop picked up some tyre green goo and spurted it into the tyre and told me he wont charge me for it.i went mad and told him i was gonna get in contact with fair trading which i did becase they wouldnt give me a new tyre and a front disk they where very rude to me the next day they had a visit from a women from fair trading the same day they rang me and told me to take my bike back there which i did and they fit a new front disk personaly i think they should of changed both disks also they didnt change my rear tyre instead they fixed the puncture on it which i wasnt happy about since i nether had a punture in it untill i took the bike there they should of gave me a brandnew tyre also the mechanic was suck a brown toung he cleaned my bike top to toe what a twat .nether take your bikes there buy the tyre from there but nether get them to work on your bike they dont have a clue about bikes there dangerous the tyre fitter had blound hair :smiley:

I don’t normally chime in on this stuff, but I’ve got to say, I’m not sure this is painting a very fair picture of the shop. Wheels marks left on them, it’s unavoidable due to the tyres needing different weighting positions from one pair to another, that’s how balancing works. Valves get thrown away and replaced with new tyres, so it’s up to the customer to ensure they want their valve caps kept really. Also, over-charged? So a price was agreed at the start and then it went up at the end? Or did they just charge the appropriate rate? You’ve got to remember that most retailers can’t get tyres as cheap as folks like FWR or certain online stores. I know some dealers that have to pay £200 a pair at COST.

Scratches do suck though, I’ll go with that, but perhaps that’s something your friend can take up with the shop himself.

It’s swings and roundabouts, some folks have exceptionally high expectations of a low-price/high-volume service and that’s not always fair. But then again, nobody likes having their bikes damaged.

Its all personal experiences mate, i wont be going their nor anyone of whom i ride with. its happened before and it will probably happen again, its whether you want to take that risk with your bike.

When I got a flat front tyre ( something to do with the valve :ermm: ) they fixed it straight away for free and did no damage to the scoot not a scratch…

Have to praise the shop as well. Took in some trousers I bought from them as the armour had gone floppy. The man said there was nothing wrong with them but gave me some rigid ones for free anyway.

Most of my business goes to them as my local and have had no problems at all.

Due to their lack customer relations, the sale i was going to do with them on my hornet went straight to Honda Reading (Bladegroup). I went to HGB’s before I went on hols to have a proper look, we agreed that once we were back from hols we would come back and settle the arrangement for the bike. Needless to say the next time i went back in, they couldnt be bothered to attend to me, if i had a question it was vaguely answered. they werent offering me a great deal (but way better than Honda Chiswick) and in the end i got fed up of waiting to speak to one of the salesmen. i mean waiting over half an hour for the salesman to stop talkin to one of his friends outside was just taking the biscuit. thought to myself ill come back another day clearly theyre too busy for me. instead went to infinity in hanger lane where johnny (think its him) told me his missus Gems got her bike from honda reading and this was the second time i had heard such praise from one bike dealer.

i now have my baby, brand new, no dodgy bits to her, i kno all i need to kno, had a helpful bunch of staff willing to help me with everything i needed and they didnt make me seem like a fool for asking silly questions… all in all i got my bike and a brillant service from them and ended up spending over £1000 on extra accessories and looks like my bro is set to buy his next bike from them too… looks like HGB’s wont be seeing me anytime soon!.

conclusion : value the customers u have and the ones u cud have!

Sorry rant over

couldnt agree more with you there fella. congrats on the new bike. i think daytona just up the road seem to have a better service but again it does depend on who u speak to. In HGB there is an atmosphere where they seem to think they are above the customers and seem somewhat cold which isnt the best way to go about getting potential customers to part with substantial cash.


i am a girl…!! lol x

i am a girl…!! lol x

sory dahlin :smooooth: xx

What the fug has that to do with anything, i see Mr Opinionated has returned with a vengence :w00t::frowning:

Keep em to yourself please as we’ve just about had all we can take :angry:

HGB ruislip fitted a new tyre to my cbr600f and put the spacers round the wrong way and bent the brake disk on the front also they puntured the back wheel and tried to blame it on me when u could see the metel which puntured my tyre was from the work shop because there where hundreds of tacs on the floor the same as what was in my tyre so i contacted tradeing standards they went in there and hgb replaced my brake disc and fixed my punture there a bunch of prats in there and the manager is an old TWAT!!