Shame Hein Gericke - Stockwell

Well Dave the old manager has gone and the neww people there seen to be a bit poor at customer service. I went there to get a set of pads and checked they had them and the brand. Got to the shop and they were another brand I didn’t want and was told those pads were the best in the world.

Also saw a chap come in to buy gloves but spent alot more due to the assistant brow beating him as he would be cold if he didn’t buy them?

So a shame vote for me and I’ll no longer be dropping by for a coffee or a chat anymore.

the ride might be further for you but i can recommend going to the one in welling, those guys are great :slight_smile:

Harrow is OK too.

hein gericke try and creat a calm atmosphere for customers (just ask smiled)

all the staff try and get upsales, but also put customers into soemthing that fits them properly, so everyone is happy.

I’ve used HG Slough for years, but haven’t been too impressed with my last couple of visits. They’ve got a lot of new, very young, faces in there. I hope it’s just a transitionnal period and they find their feet soon… The friendly, “fancy a Coffee” atmosphere has gone. :crying:

Who do you usually deal with at welling?

The Luton shop is ok as well :slight_smile:

ilford/gants hil shop is ok, nice guys, not too pushy, i bought a lid there, even offered to let me go out for a spin with it on to see if it fitted ok and was comfertable.:slight_smile:

Remind me never to buy a lid from there as they are potentially selling second hand lids :w00t:

are you having a laugh? i doubt very much they do it for everyone, i had just bought nearly 500 quids worth of leathers, they were being nice!plus i was having the lid anyway, and once money is exchanged you cant change it.

Farnbourough branch also has helpful and friendly staff

The people at Purley are fine too, nice size store, easy parking. I even can take my kids there and they are more than happy


Mark the Manager is a TOP Geezer!!!