Shame Hein gericke Purley (and in general)

Bought a pair of boots from their purley shop end of november. Start of this year the metal buckle on the left shoe started to bend but only recently a few days before my mod 2 test it actually came off! So i quickly went over to the shop so I could get a replacement pair only to be greeted with “Sorry the buckle isnt covered in warranty…” WTF? followed by “I’ll have to call main office, I hate calling main office!” well gee thanks…

So in the end I had to hand over my boots so they could send them to main office and they did not provide me a replacement in the meantime which was very nice of them not. SO i had to do my mod 2 test with trainers on the wettest day of the year (last tuesday), which i passed by the way first time :slight_smile: the only good to come my way in a while.

Its been over a week since ive had no boots and I just called them up and managers away so nobody really has a clue when ill be able to get new boots or IF i will ever get a new pair. They have really pushed it to me and im being fed up, I think im being too nice with them next time I see them Im gonna tell them what im thinking and how up the shite hole they treat me.


What make of boots were they?

I had a zip fail nearly a year after I bought a pair of Hein Gericke boots and they swapped them there and then for a brand new pair. Just wondering if they were a different brand or something.

I reckon you would have had more joy if you’d taken them back when the buckle started bending rather than waiting until it actually broke.

They always seem pleasant enough to me at Purley HG- mind you I’ve never had to take anything back.

boot was bullson cycko

£100 boot not even last 3 months of light use

I’m surprised, HG is normally good for returning stuff. This Purley store recently lost its manager though (to In Moto). Keep moaning at them, good luck.

Get in touch with your ombudsmen/trading standards they will send you a letter to fill in and send to hein gericke…it normally works;)

I bought a pair of Bullson boots, but the one’s with the zip.

On the first pair, the zip failed and the Hein Gericke shop took the boots back and immediately replaced with new ones with no quibbling.

I’ve been wearing the second pair almost everyday (road and track use) since about Feb 07 and they’ve held up brilliantly.

I dealt with the Stockwell branch.

When I recently applied for a job at a branch, I was told that Hein Gericke is run as a franchised business and each store’s manager can dictate how he/she chooses to operate the store (within certain guidelines laid by HG Germany).

I guess this explains why the level of service between different branches can sometimes vary quite substantially.

i wont be buying from purley again. There all really helpful and nice when your buying stuff but for returns or refunds they get grumpy and defensive very quick.