Shame - H&R Insurance

Shower of idiots! and expensive too!

Thats my opinion!

Care to expand on that?:slight_smile:

I’m surprised. They have always been the cheapest for me by a long way and were excellent when I made a claim.

oh yes, the fact i insured with them in Jan and have only ever had a cover note which expired in Feb (sorry officer my insurance company haven’t sent me a certificate - so not I can’t produce my docs within 7 days!), the ammount of proof of this that and the other I have had to send to them! (why they can’t phone DVLA to see if I have a licence ETC) and when they charge me 330 TPFT and Performance direct only want 280 fully comp! :w00t:

ETC - rant over, many thanks I’m here all week!

I was insured by H & R on my first bike, relatively cheap for me and when I wrote it off they paid up pretty much straight away without too much hassle. Been with Carol Nash since, who seem good, although I haven’t had to test them yet, but my renewal came through pretty cheap.

Never made a claim with 'em, but this is my third year with them and I paid a little bit extra to stay as their customer service is awesome. They actually listen to what you’re saying and don’t just read questions off a script when giving you a quote. In my experience so far, they’ve always sent docs out on time n stuff so I hope that you’re the minority, dude!

I’m happy with them aswell. They were the cheapest for me as a new rider. Communication level is good, they still sound like based in India but that’s the same thing with all call centres :slight_smile:

cheapest for me too by a long way. however they would not add a second bike to my policy due to my age? even though the second bike has a smaller displacement? any views?

thank you

I am with them and I am happy, yes they did want proof for this and that but if you told your insurance company you have alarm tracker and whatever else why wouldn’t you be prepared to show the documents.

Express wanted proof of my license. Adrian Flux was quite good but H&R was cheaper.

India? Dude, their call centre is in Aberdeen! I know Scots people can be incoherent, but they don’t sound the same as Indians :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve ever spoken to anyone from there that didn’t sound Scottish, I hafta say.

As for the second bike thing… no idea. I know they don’t do “multibike” policies in the truest sense of the word, but they can do policies which take one of your bikes and give you a hefty discount for the second. That’s the arrangement I’m using. I’m 26 so age wasn’t a factor… maybe it is if you’re under 21, or 18 or so?

yeh then age is the problem. i am with h&r with a zx636 c1 and i want to add a 400 to the policy and there saying no, however they will insure it under a new policy. doesn’t seem fair bit of ageism going on there. and yes im younger than you haha

i was with them three yrs, only reason i changed was when i moved to northern ireland, they didnt insure there.

my renewals were always the cheapest by far, always friendly when i spoke to them, and being scottish they could understand me :slight_smile:

Im with them at the moment, got my docs just fine, and they been fine over the phone.
They were the cheapest i could find… on my first big bike that is! :slight_smile:

i was with them with my ktm 640sm & found they were £200 cheaper than anyone else:) only thing bad was that i sold the bike 6months into the policy & asked if i could put my 660smc. but they said they would not insure that bike:crazy: also they said that if i cancel my policy i would not get any money back from the policy but that was not stated in my documents & once they had seen that they had not stated the no refund rule in my policy they sent me £175back :smiley:

other than that i was happy with there company

Use them myself. With a Mac Surname they are nice to me as well! The prices were also the best by far, service has been good and I’ve not had any problems so far.

Whilst I’m no longer insured by them (they couldn’t beat BMW Motorad), I was when I had the VFR. Unfortunately, I Got knocked off by a dizzy red head in a Volvo, who said I “attempted to force my way past her car on the inside”. Hmmm, as I recall I was riding down an open lane (Edith Grove) when she pulled out of a static lane of traffic (I wasn’t going fast and the Highway code says you may pass on the left as long as you’re not moving at a speed disproportionate to the other traffic), hit me an I ended up on the pavement with my left foot pinned between the bike and the kerb.

I did have a witness in the form of a guy on a VFR 2 seconds behind me, he and his girlfriend were in shorts and t-shirts so it’s probably as well it was me and not them! The insurer waited 3 months to try and get a written statement from him, by which time he had moved. They refused to trace him despite his initial account supporting my version of events.

So Highway Insurance said it would have to go 50/50 which would mean that I would loose my NCB. H&R however saw my side of it and allowed me to keep my NCB,as they had some latitude in relation to the underwriting process. Needless to say I thought this was a good result!