shame google

Given the fact that Apple to rtZ use UK and european law to minimize tax liability.

Apple is one of the worst global offenders for paying little to no tax, along with Philip Green, and Rupert Murdoch.

Shame on them. And shame on the government that panders to them and create laws to allow them to do it, while shafting the poor, dispossessed, and disabled.

SHAME ON BLIAR, BROWN, CAMERON, for raping that country at the expense of the people.

Google loses out on $110,000,000 of profit every year due to the 1% of uses that use the “I’m feeling lucky” feature and skipping all advertisements.

Google is better than bing so if you really want to hurt them, use I’m feeling lucky.

That’s interesting but it makes you wonder why they offer the option.

I don’t know about the tax affairs of Google but I can’t understand why they think that the thing most people search for is what you are searching for…and I’m not talking about pron btw…
Maybe I’m missing something but I want results with all the words, together, in the right order not spread over three paragraphs…I don’t know for example I might be searching for ‘cast iron railings’ and I’ll get ‘members of the cast were seen leaving the open air theatre and leaping over the iron railings and out of Central Park’…or some such.
For work it would help if they had a technical search option…
Nonetheless Google does save me loads of time at work for sure…we have a technical library in our office that used to be regularly updated…we even had a librarian come in to keep it all in order…now ‘everything’ is available on line it hasn’t been updated for years…and doesn’t need to be frankly. I like Google but then that’s probably just because I don’t know anything different…

I don’t think it does. I think it just takes you direct to the number 1 search result, what would have been top if you’d done the search the normal way.