Shame - Givi UK

My topbox flew off the back off my givi rack and hit someones car. Givi wanted to inspect it and their report came back that there was a ball bearing missing in the lock and a bent spring. They put it down to POOR maintenance. The box was 3 months old and never taken off the bike after I clipped it on the day I bought it.

POOR MAINTENANCE of a basically brand new box?
I emailed them and asked them what kind of maintenance I needed to do to the box as it doesn’t come with any instructions or a maintenance schedule . Heard nothing back…

The dealer was great and changed the box as a gesture of goodwill…But Givi were very painful to deal with…You can’t just say POOR MAINTENANCE to someone without giving a reasonable explanation as to why that is the conclusion. In my opinion I found Givi’s customer service very poor and borderline rude I was promised a call back from the rep twice and it never did happen.

That’s my opinion and I am entitled to it…


Would defo take this one further!! There was a part missing after 3 months, either it was never there or it was badly put together and came out, either way not your fault!

Email the CEO.
It will just be a middle manager covering his own ass and ignoring the big picture.
Email the CEO with the full correspondence plus a link to this thread.
You won’t need to spell out the potential damage to GiVI’s reputation if it goes unanswered.

the Kappa stuff fits the same for a lot less!

Personally, I always run a bungee through the handle of my boxes to the bike in case the worst happens.

Stuff that bungee nonsense! You pay your hundreds of pounds for the rack and box, for it to live on the back of your bike, under fairly predictable conditions, it not falling off should be the most basic expectation. That and locking and keeping your stuff dry, and short of some occasional lock oil, I would be interested to know what maintenance Givi expect users to be doing!

I’m afraid not everyone has your wisdom but especially your fine taste, sir :Whistling:

Givi’s reply was " The bolt on the underneath of the box was stiff and the spring inside had a kink in it. The lock also required a new spring and bearing but again this is not a fault"

The cost of the parts was around £20.

The finding of the investigation was POOR MAINTENANCE and upkeep of the box.

The three month old box only used for 250miles!!!

I had my iphone in there which now has a massive dent on it so not very happy about this.

Can’t fault the dealer he changed the box. But this is a poor show from Givi to be honest. The cost of the box means nothing to me I could of bought another one without any issues. Its the principle and health and safety issue which has arisen from this. Boxes flying off the back of bikes and givi fobbing me off basically saying its my fault through poor maintenance!!!

Its a topbox? what am I suppose to do to it? take it down the beauty salon once a month for a back,sack and crack? maybe a spray tan and some teeth whitening…


Got to say I agree with you on that, bit **** really

I spoke to Givi further about it but they are refusing to give me any information on how to maintain the top box. They simply stated how I maintain my bike is up to me?

Its actually disgraceful service. I was shocked and felt very undervalued as a customer.

Truly awful service that

You’re obviously not the only maintenance shirker around here :wink: :