Shame - giff gaff

Not only horrendously slow (did back to back speed tests with Three giving 2 Mbs and giff gaff 0.7 Mbs :crazy: )

They barred my service without so much as a text or an email.

Apparently I was in breach for my data usage, but I thought unlimited Internet was for big data use.

F**k’em…Riff Raff.

Back to Three.

Wow, how much data were you using? I heard of people getting e-mails at around 25gig… a bit shabby of them cutting you off without any warning?

for very similar money you can have a 3 payg sim with a £15 bolt on that gives you 300mins 3000 texts and unlimited data.

three all you can eat

that said giff gaff still has better signal over 3.

There was no way I used anywhere near that much data. Connection speed of 0.7 Mbs and leaving it connected to download some shows overnight.

I reckon most I used was about 2 - 3 Gig over a week. I only joined on 15th June.

They don’t have better speed though…I did a back to back speed test.

I got 0.7 Mbs on giffgaff and more than double that on Three.

I’m actually a Three customer and was going to cancel the service at the end of the month. Not anymore.

“5.14. In addition to our standard terms and conditions, all usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not use your SIM Card:a) In or connected to any other device including modems, dongles or any other way to connect to a PC (unless you are on a gigabag plan);” - ref

Also spelled out on Wikipedia
“The terms and conditions prevent the use of tethering, except when gigabags are purchased for the SIM (see below).”

Were you tethering? If so you did breach your T&C’s… Otherwise just tell an agent and they should sort it.

Gigabags are intended for tethering etc., goodybags for just phone use I guess!


No tethering on Giff Gaff, shame on you for not reading T & C’s

Where does it say I was tethering in my post?

It is you who doesn’t read. :doze:

You implied with “…leaving it connected to download some shows overnight.” :smiley:

So, did you get it sorted with an agent?

I read that you were downloading films overnight…what app are you using for that? Hopefully downloading films you bought…

yep it sucks i know, i just switched from three and i only get 2g speeds.
**** service and im pissed i dumped £10 on it, gotta switch back now, what a waste of time.

banman maybe it was implied, but to assume makes you an ASS. Not you, but definitely the other guy. Yeah they sorted it, but it was the whole non communication that p*ssed me off.

gsxroil Agree with you. I’ve already removed my auto top up and will request that all my data is removed from their systems. The Three service was actually pretty good when used with my Tablet.

Fabio you made an assumption and you were wrong. You still don’t read because I wasn’t downloading films, and you are ignorant to the fact there are many apps available for both Android and IOS for downloading files.

Thanks for your interest.

What shows were you downloading overnight? What app were you using? You still haven’t answered any of my questions so I will continue to assume you were tethering the connection because a normal person wouldn’t go through the inconvenience of downloading “shows” overnight on their mobile device.

Whatever Fabio!!!

You keep ASSuming.

Have a nice day. :smiley:


Too bad, I was looking to go to Giff Gaff after my Voda contract runs out.

@ Fabio - what are you the internet police or something? Or have you made a movie where your copyright was infringed.
No need to assume anything Afro has already provided ample detail, not that he needed to…

It’s a shame that most of your posts seem to take on a confrontational tone.

Why would you pay for a movie. I’m certainly not going to top up a millionaire’s bank balance they can do some commercials if they need a top up. The internet was made to share content/information, if someone that has the movie on DVD wants to share it online I’m all for it and I shall thank them.

Doesn’t work too great on iPhones or iPads but if your on a PC then is pretty good for streaming stuff.

Also, a suggestion… My mate pays for a Netflix account and lets me use it. I’m pretty sure that Netflix do little or no monitoring because 5 of us use the account on many different PCs (sometimes at the same time) and they haven’t cottoned on. Its something like £6 a month so make a group and divide the cost if you have a moral issue with streaming free content.

He provided no such details, but go ahead and backup your friend.

I’m not being confrontational but I find it silly for people to complain about a service when they break T&C’s, I don’t care what he was downloading.

Wow Faaabio…What’s wrong with you? :crazy: :rolleyes:

It may be silly if someone IS breaking T&C’s… but Afro is saying he wasn’t.

Fair play Afro Fabio is being a bit harsh, but you are being rather ambiguous about what you were doing to use all that data. 2/3 gig in a week is fair old whack for a mobile device

I’m not sure about that. I signed in to Spotify and sync’d around 160 tracks this morning at the gym, apparently I used 1.5gig in just one day…