SHAME - Feridax (Shoei importer)

I sent my multitec helmet back to Feridax (through Infinity Holborn, who were quite helpful throughout) on a warranty claim just over 4 weeks ago.

The main reason for sending it back is that it has developed a horrible whistling sound over the past few months. On inspection, there was a tear in the top left visor seal (when looking from the front).

They were unable to get to it for the first few weeks as the only technical person able to look at it was on holiday. It finally came back late last week and I collected it today. The note states
“Also note we could find no sign of the visor sealing bead being torn”

I flipped the face up and handed it to the gentleman at Infinity who was wearing a ‘Shoei technician’ t-shirt and told him roughly where to look. He found it in under 10 seconds.

He advised me that this cannot be fixed as this is molded to the helmet. He’s advised that I should just use some silicon to seal it back up.

I’m a little peeved about the fact that a 1.5 year old helmet is in this state as I am quite careful with it, but I can accept that wear and tear happen. What I can’t accept is that the company responsible for servicing Shoei were unable to find this very obvious defect.

I guess it will have to be a Schuberth next, no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Although a bit expensive I can vouch for Schuberth. I had a flip up Concept that was 18 months old ( came with a 2 year warranty) where the lift up chin piece was rubbing against, and eventually through the paint finish of the top piece. Was sent back to Schuberth via the supplier. When I got it back they had replaced the whole lid… minus the visor and the removable inner, so almost like new. First class service from Schuberth…and I still wear it yet 3 years later… :D. But to be honest, I think helmets are getting pricey and if you look at what is availalble on the market around the £100 to £150 price and with good results on the safety results I am half tempted to go cheap this time and just replace more frequently.:smiley:

I’m not sure about this… I’ve been using a cheap HJC for the past few weeks (non-flip) while my main helmet has been away, and I can honestly tell the difference between cheap and expensive. It’s noisy as hell compared to my multitec, it’s nowhere near as comfortable and it’s fiddly to adjust or setup.

I really like the flexibility of the flip-face, but the multitec is the only one I find comfortable. I may have to go back to a non-flip if I want a quality helmet at a reasonable price due to the discomfort of the schuberth :frowning:

hmmm why are you willing to pay a high price for a helmet that you admit is uncomfortable ???

that discomfort is going to impede you …

Well, it’s either that or a high price for a helmet that doesn’t have a 2 year warranty, Shoei can’t find problems with, and if by some miracle they do find it, they can’t fix it. Unfortunately helmets are safety equipment and are thus excluded from some of the EU warranty and fitness for purposes regulations.

Sorry to hear you weren’t happy with your Multitec. I have had mine for three years heavy use and will probably have it for at least three more, they’re brilliant helmets :smiley:

The only complaint I have is it turns my hair wavy :hehe:

I was very happy with my multitec until it failed and couldn’t be repaired :smiley:

I had my multitec for about 3-4 years now, its still going, and yes it does turn your hair wavey/ make you bald :slight_smile:

Personally after wearing a helm for a year i would not expect any warranty to cover it. Just one of those things. If it self destructs after 2 months fair enough, but 1.5 years? shouldent you be wearing earplugs anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Look into a shark evoline nice, comfy, good rating in sharp testing and a 5 year warrenty!

Again, I’m not worried about whether or not it was covered under warranty - I would have happily paid.

I was worried about the fact that a so called professional couldn’t find the defect when it took the guy in the shop just seconds to find.