SHAME - Expedia

I know this isn’t anything to do with bikes but I’m sure we all fly now and again:)

I booked my recent BA flights to Tenerife with last February. Because of the 11 month gap, i had recieved two emails informing me of flight time changes which I printed off and kept.

On the eve of flying out I thought I better check with Expedia to make sure I had the latest information , and they confirmed my details were up to date. I even printed off My Itinerary again off their website:cool:

Imagine my horror when after 2 weeks in the sunshine I get to Tenerife airport to find there is bo BA6999 on the departures board:w00t:

After searching for a BA desk I was told my flight had left as it was brought forward by 4 HOURS last June and Expedia had been informed. They had forgotten to inform me:crazy:grrrr

Luckily BA were able to give me 3 seats on the next flight - thankyou BA:) Even though it wsn’t their responsibility to do so.

So the moral of this story is… If you ever book flights with, check the flight details with the carrier direct:cool:

That is all:cool:

I use Expedia a lot and have only ever had one problem when they gave me the wrong address for a hotel( right street but no. 14 instead of no. 41 or sommat like that).

They gave me £25 for the trouble of having to walk to the other end of the street!

In my eyes it’s not about booking flights with, it’s about booking anything online.

If you booked so far in advance you are asking to be put on your ar$e.

If there wasn’t any confirmation from a rep whilst you were out there why didn’t you contact the airline to double check the departure time?

Never assume anything and above all…


I always use for my flights never had no probs, shows you all the options you can have and are the cheapest i have always been able to find :wink:

Hiya Curtis me old mucka, How was Andora?

The other moral of the story is that with a proper airline you get a proper service when things go wrong. They will get you to your destination even if it is not their fault, unlike the likes of Ryanair who will keep your money and just point you to the nearest internet terminal.

Is British Airways not a “Proper Airline” then?:wink:

Expedia is a booking agent