(shame) Eurosport.com/BBC.com

Okay now I know the racing is being shown live on tv and all, but why is the coverage so CRAP on the internet! Im at work so no tv, so methinks Ill follow it on the net

Well fist Eurosports site goes all 8-bit then falls over

As for the BBC…why do they treat motorcycle racing with such disdain! You have more chance of watching live tidlywinks or ‘‘Cooking with Osama’’ than finding ANY form of coverage of bike racing on the site, unless I wait till the racing has finished that is Although usually with BSB they sometimes dont bother to update the site till Monday!!! Would not happen if it was womans bowling for the over 80’s or some other stupid so called sport!

I would complain, but that takes about 1hr just to find the correct complaint form to fill in

Cooking with Osama? What time is that? I think I need to learn some bush tucker cooking…

Tbh, you’ve got more chance of catching curling than motorbikes on the BBC. Not that I’ve got anything against curling, but pushing a stone with a handle on ice while two grown-ups polish the ice before it is not really a sport, is it? Runs from any Canadian and Scottish backlash

Hi mate - it’s got to do with the rights - the BBC is only allowed to provide information after a certain point… you should be complaining to the company that shows the races on the tv about their interactive content.

As far as the BBC goes - EVERY single BBC internet page has a complaint / contact us link on it and has done since early last year - in case you’re suffering a temporary blight of blindness here’s the link