SHAME - Equity Red Star and Motorcycle Direct

Post updated. Following hours of discussion and my utter refusal to take NO for an answer, the people at Motorcycle Direct have realised the value of customer service and decided they’d rather treat me with respect as they originally promised than listen to me berate their staff for their inconsistent and disrespectful service any more.

Call this a neutral cos they have resolved their errors, and by way of an apology for their trouble (I guess) they have given me a further discount on my premium).

Like I say, Neutral and be wary when dealing with them.

What was the problem with them to start with?just out of interest cuz i used to go through -to equity red star, now i have gone through carol nash - equity red star

im with equity red star too through choice quote, when i had my accident choice quote were brilliant, and i only really dealt with equity red star to tell them i had an accident. They did have call centres abroad which were a pain.

But i can highly recommended choice quote been with them for 4 years or so always match the best quote i get each year and very friendly staff. They are based in Liverpool.

Carole Nash (underwritten by ERS) quoted me £405 at renewal time and wouldn’t budge on the price. So I did the deal with NCI (underwritten by ERS) for £325 instead. I wasn’t too sad to leave CN after the fiasco I had earlier when I needed to produce insurance docs (which were never sent) and they claimed I had never taken out a policy with them. I had to dig out phone records and threaten them with legal action…

Just been dealing with Equity Red Star claims dept re. my pedestrian-flattening incident a month ago. I’ve had two letters from them acknowledging my informing them of the accident which are identical except that one has a paragraph saying my claim for damage is invalid. I know that, 1) I’m TPFT so I can’t claim for damage and 2) there wasn’t any. Both letters say I don’t have to fill in a report form as “all of the necessary details have been taken”. Just called them to pass on the reference number from the Met and queried the fact that no-one has ever asked me for witness details, which I’ve had since the accident. “Oh, good,” says the girl, “let me have them and I’ll get witness questionnaires out to them.” Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence.

Oh and they do have foreign call centres, they’re in Swansea.