SHAME: Economy Plumbing & Heating, Hayes, Middx

I’ve had my boiler off the wall recently to have the house replastered.

Boiler is back on the wall and everything other than gas reconnected. I could reconnect it myself, but want someone to do it for me, fire it up and ensure that it’s all sealed correctly.

Seems a reasonable thing to ask of the “company” in the title?


The guy I spoke to on the mobile number given in their Yell advert was not very pleasant.

Rudely asking why I bothered refitting the boiler in the first place then quoting £250+vat to come and connect one pipe and check for leaks!!

When I politely explained that his quote was more than another I’d had he said “well then why are you fcking ringing around for fcks sake, c*nt” and hung up on me.

How do I know the qoute I’ve had is reasonable or not without ringing at least two companies - his was the second one I rang!

BTW the 0845 number on their actual web site also diverts to him.


(If we have anyone on here who is Gas Safe registered and wants a quick job in the Hayes area, please PM me!)

Give me about 15 mins and i will get back to you

PM johnp, I phoned him up when I was looking to buy a place that had some weird heating system and he took his time on the phone to me to talk through my options, including some ballpark prices (it had to be ballpark cause he hadn’t seen the property to gauge what needed doing - the whole heating system needed overhauling).

Really nice guy! :slight_smile:

I ended up not buying the place in the end but his advice helped me immensely! :slight_smile:

Cheers Serrisan, Skyhook has someone in mind too. Appreciate the info!

Hey, if you haven’t got someone already, I have a contractor who can probably take care of it… send me a pm if you still need. Hope all under control!

I have been amazed how many central heating engineers behave like spoilt brats even without taking their sweeties away. If you find a good one, keep his number carefully !

Thanks Tedward, might take you upon that if one or two others I’m trying don’t work out. Cheers!