SHAME - Ebike Insurance

Hi LB,

I just have to tell you all about ebike insurance… RUBBISH!

I lost my wallet whilst riding the bike (ok my fault) and subsiquently had to cancel my cards, and because the account numbers had changed, ebike were trying to access money from my account, and were unsuccessful.

so, as a result they have cancelled my policy, i tried to update on the internet and was blocked and were completly unhelpful on the phone, i asked if there was anyway to resolve this and the ‘lad’ said “nope sorry there’s nothing i can do”, and now im left without insurance, and half of this years no claims which i cant use.

so ladies and gents be warned, if you deal with internet insurance dont lose your wallet!!


Surely you should tackle your bank as they should be ensuring that your direct debits etc are going to change to new account numbers?

we had problems with this before BF, did you pay through worldpay by debit card? (i.e pay as you go policy) if so all you need to do is update your card details on worldpay and they will automatically try to take the payment again a few days later. on the email they send to you with the failed transaction reply to it and explain you have updated your details just to cover yourself and this should reinstate fingers crossed

Claire had the same issue when one of her cards was lost…

Had the same problem when I moved from Nat West to Llyods. Yes it was the banks fault that they ****ed up the DD but when I rang eBike they did not want to know. I believe they are trying to offload their “riskier” customers as I have claimed through them in the past. Hacked me off when they told me to reapply and the premium went up by £60 per month!!