SHAME- Corsa Italiana Colliers Wood : Very Smart

Hi folks,

in case you own a moto guzzi ( not likely ) I have to warn you. Stay Away from Corsa Italiana.

Where shall we start:

I bought a battery new £105 . 3 months later the battery was dead. I call them and explained.

We need to see the invoice

Damn I just moved not sure where the invoice is?

Sorry we can’t exchange without proof of purchase.

3 days later- Hey guys I got the credit card receipts with the price from you when can I get there?

Sorry we need the actual invoice !

No you don’t change my battery or I’ll talk to my solicitor Blha blha

Ok we’'ll do

In fact they put an old battery polished to make it look like new I’ve notice later on at home looking under the battery. They think I am an idiot no? i think so.

Anyway, the other option for Moto Guzzi Dealer was to go and see In moto in Croydon, but I decided not to there anymore after I was quoted £600 to fix a noise coming from the cylinder which according to the shop was a valve to be replaced.

It turned out was the valve clearance 10min work 20 pounds including gasket cover.

Therefore, when my service was due and with teh summer coming up I had to wait 45 days for an appointment. When I picked up the bike after a £450 bill I’ve noticed that there were cable loose and I had to ask to fix them again. As soon as I switched on the key the motorbike was displaying on the dashboard an error and the “specialist” didn’t even told me anything.

I left for Assen TT a week later and the bike stopped in Holland, the motorbike shop in Holland BIG PRAISE to TEO LAMER ( Dutch people hats off) told me the spark plug were old ( I saw them ) and the engine oil was the cheapest possible.

Ok.So maybe its me but the other day, after a short visit to a motorbike shop in central london the shop assistant told me: Where do you service your Guzzi? As one of our client was very disappointed by Corsa Italiana because…well this is another story but I guess you’ll figure out the rest yourself.

Ah FYI there is another shop that specialize on Guzzi’s…its called Metropolis Motorcycles :w00t:

Have a nice Day.

Sorry to hear you are havigng problems fella, supprised at what you said about in Moto - i had a aprillia which had a few glitches and they sorted it out right away.

Thought they were very professional, oh well…hope its all sorted now

…as I said earlier I didn’t actually took my bike too In Moto…the Shame was for Corsa.

The only thing I’d like to say is if you’re dealing with Aprilia it doesn’t necessary mean you undesrtand about Moto Guzzi as the engine and design are completely different.

Metropolis lets say they do it all but are they really specialized in anything ?

Now its all sorted out for me thanks.

Sorry - i misread that !

Point taken…mental note to self pay more attention.