Kawasaki owners: I ordered two fairing bolt collars and a
single caliper bolt for my ZZR1100D from CMSNL - The total weight is about 50g and all
three parts fit into the palm of my hand.

I attempted to use their shipping cost calculator. It
would not accept a weight of less than 25kg - and I
assumed that it was broken. I was wrong.

CMSNL emailed me with an invoice - which I could not open

  • but I didn’t worry unduly, after all, they weren’t
    going to charge me the same shipping cost for a tiny
    package as a 25kg monster, right?


A package roughly the size of a large hardback book
arrived by courier. Inside was an invoice:

Net invoice total £13

Transport amount (their phrase) £14

VAT £5.13

Total £32.13

**Yes, £32.13 for one bolt and two collars. **

So, I called them - always polite and hoping for a
resolution - and I asked why they had charged so much for
postage for a 50g item. They said it was their standard
charge. I said I had assumed the shipping calculator was
broken. They said not.
Had I not read my invoice? No, i couldn’t open the
attachment. Ah well, it’s on there.

I asked him if he would meet me half way on the postage.

I said I would post my experience of his company on the
Kawasaki web forums to which I belonged. He said go ahead

  • and that I am now blacklisted from using CMSNL.

Now, that’s hardly an issue for me as I shall never use
them again. But the reasons for that are:

  1. When you shop online with CMSNL, unlike other sites
    the card transaction DOES NOT SHOW THE POSTAGE CHARGE.
  2. The postage charge is only clear when - POST
    TRANSACTION - you see the invoice. IE, after you’ve given
    them a blank cheque.
  3. I went back to them as a customer looking for a
    resolution to what I would consider an unfair charge. I
    felt I was treated with contempt.

I’m not telling anyone not to use these people, but do be
aware of my experience - and be warned what you might
expect if you are foolish enough to complain.