SHAME - Chiswick Honda

So this is an odd one for me, as i have alot of time for chiswick honda and even though there have been a couple of small things that annoyed me about them i have to say the guys on front of house are excellent, they are good at sales and are very friendly - hence why i have bought 2 bikes from there.

HOWEVER im seriously annoyed as i have just taken my new fireblade in for its first service and they must have removed the crash bungs to get to the oil filter etc, then they must have not fitted in correctly and i went to the ace for a cuppa this morning and its now missing.

I have rung them and when she asked what it was for i told her and for the first time in 2 years noonne was availble to help me, and she needed to take details to get someone to call me back.

So im going to keep updating this and let you know how they deal with it! But im very very annoyed!

Funny, I found the salesmen (or man specifically) to be a real idiot. More interested in peddling his crap than an experience. I did end up buying a Honda but not from that shop!

Hi - sorry to hear you’ve had a bad time.

I’ve been trying to book up an MOT with them today, and no reply. Might be an off day for them … ? One more try …

I go to their spares dept for those obscure objects like a neutral switch for my Hornet. But otherwise their labour charges are too expensive for me. I asked them to match a price for a new bike (that another Honda dealer in Coulsden offered me) But the Chiswick salesman treated me like I was some kind of an idiot for asking for so much off the price - £700 off the RRP. So no sale for them.

its a honda is all i will say

Update - So i have had 2 calls off of honda in the last 2 days regarding the issue i had. I was less than priaseful the firstime and i was suprised today when someone called me back.

SO they blamed an error in there phone system for messages not getting through and made it clear they would have/should have delt with it immediatley.

So he apologised alot and is deducting the cost of the bungs being replaced and refitted off my next serivce which was nice enough as they didn’t have to do that.

All in all they delt with it pretty well and so even though im stull unimpressed it happened at least they have had the guts to follow up an annoyed customers and deal with it - so thumbs up for that.!

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Sounds bad, at least it wasnt a fairing or something dropping off…

  • yes, thats nearly happened to me.
    My old 125, the people i bought it from were a bunch of scammers.
    And when i took it for its first service, got home after and several of the bolts were missing and the grommets that go into the frame no longer fitted correctly.
    Luckily i noticed it as it was flapping about… Would have been hard not to notice.
    Then they charged me £1 PER BOLT, to be replaced!!!


for me it’s always annoying if someone you’re paying to do work for makes a mistake, but nobody’s perfect and as long as they can admit it and make appropriate means to solve the problem then its all good for me :slight_smile:

If you feel like they’ve done good by you then fair enough - but to be honest, I’d say they’d mugged you off.

Really - all they’ve done is guaranteed future business out of you. Since you have to go back at least once for a service to get your “bill deduction” (note, not a discount, since all they are doing is reimburse you in however many weeks/months it is till your service)

Maybe I’m just cynical … but this must be the oldest trick in the book … make it look like they are doing you a favour when all they are doing is rectifying their error/not going the “extra mile” to make it up to you with even a token “we’ll discount whatever the cost to you was, and an extra 15% off your next service by way of an apology” - but really, that is the kicker - ensuring you’ll spend with them again rather than going to a different Honda. You are still out of pocket until your next service - no?

Grumble grumble bad day at work grumble grumble :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Yep you are cynical. :slight_smile:

i actually agree with you grumble, and to tbh they should be ashamed, I phoned up as im waiting for a engine spacer to see if i they had one in stock, they said yes we do i said great.

Then like a idiot he then told me it was the people who fitted the crash bungs fault as they did not have to take it off in order to get to the oil filter etc as they have a “special” tool that does it. - now this may be the case but excuse me for thinking u are a lying W??nker as the bungs where fitted over a week before and never even moved yet 12 hours after picking it up from chiswick honda it falls off!!!

So all in all i would say they are stuck up and twats and to that i add this to be public knowledge!!

On there website my bike is currently for sale under reg GM04 FFW my old black CBR 1000 RR in fact its still listed on there website as R1x JM which is my private plate which has now been transfered!! ANYWAY this is the interesting part

According to there website the bike has done 15196 miles which is incredible as when i dropped it off it had done 18600 so if anyone would like to go take a look to see if the mileage has been tampared with i beleieve i have photos of the clocks if they have messed with it!! If so then they really are scum!!!

heres the link

two words or 3 Rixxy

vosa _& trading standards

When you took your old blade in and handed over the V5 you had the chance of adding the mileage. Did you do that? That will prove the difference.

Interesting thread…I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I want to see if there is an outcome with the clock aspect. Anybody going to phone Chiswick Honda and tell them the games is up??


ah well this is the funny bit, the V5 has just come back to me as i had ot de-register my private plate, so im in possion of the new V5, so im going to go in tomorrow with it, and of course insist i put in the right milage:D:D:D

That will be very interesting to see if they try a wriggle out of it!

Or maybe its just a website error, but seems to be a big error right?

Honestly … if I were you … I’d ask to have this thread temporarily taken down so they don’t get wind of it … ask someone here to go in and view it/check the mileage … then do them good and proper :wink:

EDIT : that is to say - if they get wind of what you are talking about - and they are up to no good - they obviously have the ability to change the clocks - so they’ll just change it back doubletime quicksharp before they get themselves in the soft brown smelly.

not just clocks but surely previous mot’s will show milage

well this is the thing, last service was a 12k mot was done about april time around the 10 k mark as i did 6 k during my 1 europe trip, so all the paper work says that only a few months ago the milage was 12 k!!

But as most of you lot know i went away on the bike for 3 weeks!!! Infact gaz was with me for 1 week of it!

Anyway im about to have a shower and go it! I will let you know what they say!