Shame: Cephalopod Invasion

Squids, everywhere. Am I turning into a miserable old git?

Since when were flip flops, shorts, no gloves, tank tops, no tops etc an acceptable thing to wear on a motorcycle?

They’ve always been acceptable on the continent…

I’ve done it a few times when riding around town. And I’d probably do it again quite happily.

Everything except the flip flops (unless was on a scooter)

Think about it, you can go faster than town speed on a bicycle. You don’t see them wearing leathers…

Yes there is a risk you’ll do some damage, but there’s a risk with everything.

You probably are turning a bit miserable… Let people do what they want, particularly on a day like today. If you want to melt and sweat in full gear, that’s your call.

At 30 you’re still going to get pretty nasty road rash if you start sliding, some people have needed skin grafts at slower speeds. Your kneecaps\elbows could well shatter if they go down first. Gloveless is a risk, the amount of nerve damage you’re going to expose yourself to. A small spill could have life altering consequences.

Everyone on a bike is an adult as you say capable of making their own decisions. I do think that there is a lack of understanding about just how much damage a reasonably slow crash can do.

Further to that, I’m riding vfr12 at the moment, which is unbearably hot in traffic - my textiles actually give some protection from it

Yeah I know but in town getting to 30 can be a challenge.

I’m not advocating riding without gear, only that I understand people who do sometimes, and I have done and probably will again at some point.

At the moment though my bike is a bugaboo and they stay at very low speeds

I hear they have a good turning circle

I rode to work in an MX style net top today, no protection from wrist to shoulder was a bit concerning but it was really nice. Because it has to sit so close to the skin though I don’t think I was any cooler than my normal vented jacket.

I used to think it was crazy riding in shorts or jeans etc but now I’m not so sure.
When we’re out cycling you’re regularly hitting speeds in excess of 30mph. On a recent trip to the Alps it was closer to 60mph on the descents. In both cases I’ve never really given it a second thought about wearing protective clothing, I was more than happy in a bit of lycra and a polystyrene lid.

It’s horses for courses I suppose.

agree here … I used to always ride in textiles and the more experience a rider I get the more happy I am to relax the protection

upskilling your riding (IAM, track days, off road etc) … and riding appropriately I think are the key thing if you are going to dispense with textiles/leathers

Aye and good off-road capabilities…

I haven’t tested mine as the passenger only arrived a few days ago

Hey Serrisan, long time no see, hope all is well with the new passenger, hope Maya is doing fine aswell.
Was it a pink or blue passenger?

Pink :slight_smile:

Yeah all is fine, the usual stuff with these things but I have a feeling I’ll be disappearing for a bit longer over the next 6months to a year.

Hopefully next summer I can get another bike and join a rideout at some point!

Brilliant news .

I can’t imagine any of the advanced riders I know agreeing with you there, but I am going on a group ride this weekend and I’ll test the waters then.

I estimate 90% of the riders I am seeing without gear exhibit themselves to be young/cbt or summer time riders - but the 10% could well be the other end of the scale as you suggest

I was following a really exceptional rider out of London this afternoon, the best I have seen in some time. Not getting his knee down or any nonsense like that but just very elegant roadcraft and positioning fluid and effortless. Black bike, think it was a bandit 1250, but the suzukis all look the same to me if I’m honest. Anyway, he was wearing full leathers, even though I doubt he’s got any intention of crashing. Shout out if that was any of you btw

I realise I’m severely outnumbered here and worrying I sound like a polite vest wearing evangelist, so may hastily retreat on this

Squidding around town is debatable but a T shirt on the motorway is idiotic. In the USA you’ll see no helmets on the motorway which I simply can’t fathom.

I have to say I was guilty today… I went for a high speed country lane run today and was fully geared but absolutely sweltering - To the point of cutting the engine at traffic lights.

got back and did a few errands around town in shorts and a shirt… I felt like “that guy” and felt especially guilty when I rode past ambulances knowing they’re in their cabs thinking what a twat. But I barely got above 20 and so for me I felt the risks were relatively low… a damn sight lower than the f****g mercury.

and like Kris… I’m currently approaching 10 years accident free, not even a drop (dont speak too soon) with some advanced rider training so I feel a lot more comfortable relaxing the gear slightly… Famous last words.

I would rather be a little sweaty for a few hours than several weeks/months in hospital.

I’ve spent enough putting ink into my skin, I’d like it to stay there. I wear in the summer with armored jeans.

Seen a guy riding and holding and talking on his phone last week ,thought I was back in Thailand…lol
Then a learner on a 125 with shorts on ,thought yes you have a lot to learn.

Come to Greece… Phone on one hand, coffee on the other whilst holding the handlebar and cigarette in mouth

Add me to the fully kitted up even in this heat brigade.

Hell, 3 weeks ago I saw a guy come off near Kew bridge, doing probably 15MPH, but as he tipped he hit the throttle so the bike spun and took several layers of skin off his legs and managed to leave his foot hanging off his leg with bones sticking out. * I’d rather put up with some discomfort than permanent scarring.

When we went to help him it turned out he was drunk as can be, which explains why he fell off on a straight road at 15mph and didn’t feel any paid in his ankle, so fck the idiot he got what he deserved and I am just glad he didn’t injure anyone else, but point still stands.

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