Shame -

OK I have been using to book B&Bs for my recent european trips, to be honest they have been good.

Due to my bike issues on Rioting_robs last trip I missed a booking and didnt have time to cancel so I was charged…no problem there!

Now here is the rub… the hotel I missed sent me the booking form (sent to them from and it had all my credit card details on it, name / card no / cvc code / and expiry date. It was sent in the post where anyone could have opened it and had all my details.

So my issues are;

  1. Hotel sent my credit card details in the post un registered

  2. send my credit card details by fax to the hotels I have booked, I dont consider this to be at all secure. Anyone at the receiving hotel could have grabbed it (staff or visitor) and had all my info.

Apart from this, have been good, so up to you, but wanted to let people know my experience.

that’s awefull! is there a law against that? I’d stear clear from them:w00t:

thanks for the heads up. won`t be using them.

Any comment from about this Paul?

I did, I sent that email just after I had used to book a hotel in New York, and I think they got a bit confused, thinking it was that hotel, they ( also thought it was sent via email, so confusion all round.

The response wasn’t satisfactory, but I dont know of another system to use, it worked well for us in Europe

I will reply back asking them to review the way they send details to the hotels, they could use something else rather than fax. I suspect and most hotels have internet so could use password protected files via email or something. THey could even have a securre area on the web site for hotels to log onto and get the info they needed.

Dear Paul Fagg,

Thank you for choosing

We have recently received your concern regarding your credit card information. Please accept our sincere apologies regarding this matter.

The hotel should not have forwarded you an email with your credit card information, However it does state on our website before you make your reservation that your information will be sent to the hotel. Please keep in mind that we are a third party company and all information that we receive his forwarded to the hotel via fax.

We do not hold your credit card information in our system more than 10days and after the fax is received from the hotel we do not send your credit card information again.