SHAME - Bikesure and Chaucer Insurance.

Not really one to start a thread like this, but after recently getting stung by the above, it’s left a really bitter taste in my mouth in regards to these two companies.

Got my bike on the road after it was recently written-off as a Cat C and the two companies couldn’t have been any more unhelpful, discourteous, onerous, and downright bloody difficult!

‘Sorry’ is a word that doesn’t seem to exist in the Bikesure manual, and rather alarmingly, neither does ‘Cat C’ as one of their representatives didn’t even understand fully what it meant.

After the incident in October 2010, it took until yesterday to sort the whole saga, and only through an awful lot of donkey-work by myself.

I appreciate that companies need to satisfy certain criteria, but transparency, and good old fashioned customer service is something that should be standard. It wasn’t.

I won’t be using either of these companies in the future. Regardless of the quote. I’d rather pay more knowing that when I need to use the service I pay for, it gets done to standard.

thanks for the heads up.

Not had a problem with Bikesure before and they have consistently given me the best quotes, and were flexible to my requirements.

i’ve never had a problem with bikesure either, but i haven’t had to claim through them either, every company are always helpful when getting the sale :slight_smile:

You’ll never know how good an insurance company is until you need them.

so wot is it they did wrong etc?

I won’t bore the board with the ins and outs of the whole episode, but making demand after demand in a commercially aggressive tone is not something that sits well with me; neither is changing your policy terms and dressing it up as a minor part of the whole issue. Also, if you’re a broker, then act promptly and professionally. Getting the customer to do all the work, including 15 phone calls to them and only 1 call back is not good enough.

Bikesure have always been very competitive on price, but that’s only a draw when they act when needed. What’s worrying is I wasn’t even making a claim; I was simply informing them it was declared Cat C.

As I say, they won’t be getting a penny of my money again.

Bikesure called me back and through gritted teeth they apologized. They then said they’d give me £15 back. I told her that wouldn’t even cover my phone bill to them let alone anything else. She offered nothing else.


still can’t see what they have sposed to have done wrong!

The apology alone is something I’ve never had from any insurance company when they’ve f-ed up, let alone money back. :w00t:

If you’re talking bad customer service, ebike cancelled my policy with no warning and no apology on two occasions.

You can’t speak to anyone there so communication was by email (not ideal).

The issue was seemingly over documents that they had not received (they need a copy of your licence plus any other certificates to validate your insurance).

I emailed one guy, explaining that I had sent all requested documentation and even scanned and sent the documents just in case. He said that they had been received and was all they needed and that the insurance was to be reinstated.

Nothing happened. Then some stupid c**t of a woman emailed saying that they hadn’t received my documentation and that was why the insurance was cancelled.

I copy and pasted the email conversation between the previous guy.

Nothing, except a standard response repeating herself.

Ebike are a load of sh*te.

They failed to act as a proper go between. They basically did nothing to help me communicate properly with my insurer, and were rude and obstructive along the way. Basically, they were ineffective and a hindrance. Unfortunately, my insurer wouldn’t speak directly with me, so it’s rock and hard place when your broker is pants.

Sounds worringly similar my issue with Bikesure. Well, a part of the issue anyway. They contradicted themselves with nearly every phone call. At one stage, I thought it may’ve been a wind-up. I was looking for the camera.