Shame - Bikers Bargains / Gearchange

Bikers Bargains…

I bought a new helmet from them a couple weeks ago. It arrived in questionable condition - see my old topic:

So I saw the helmet advertised on Ebay and called up to ask about it. I then placed the order for it over the phone. I explicitly asked for an itemised invoice to be sent through, he said no problems, there’ll be one in the box.

When the helmet arrived, the only sort of receipt I could find was the little slip from the card machine confirming the transaction had gone through.

So… I called up on the 3rd April and asked again for an itemised receipt. This time a woman answered and said ‘oh it should have come in the box’… I said well there must have been a mistake as I didn’t get one but could they please send another one through. The woman said their email wasn’t working properly but she would post a copy of the invoice out to me asap. I gave my name, the helmet I bought etc… Then she started asking all sorts of questions like ‘how much did you pay for it?’ and ‘what is your address please?’ … I said do you not still have all this information from when I first placed the order and asked for an invoice… She said ‘oh okay yes I’ll dig it out and send it to you’

Today is the 12th, still no invoice in the post. So I just rang up Bikers Bargains again and explained the situation and politely asked for another invoice to be sent out. This time I was speaking to yet another woman who went on again to explain / insist that an invoice would have been placed in the box. I said no there wasn’t, hence why I asked before and I’m asking again now. I then went through the whole ‘what item was it, how much did you pay for it, what’s the address’ fiasco again.

When I asked if the invoice I was promised on the third had not arrived, I was told ‘I don’t know I can only speak for myself’

Totally unhelpful. All that nonsense just for a receipt.

Asking those questions means they’re making a new receipt.
Check the date on the receipt they send you.

Sounds dodgy!

So I had to call AGAIN this afternoon to remind them to send me an invoice…

I got this piece of 5hite.

No indication of who the buyer was whatsoever. Absolutely useless.


Threaten to change your ebay feedback to negative!

I didn’t buy it through ebay - if I did I’d have a proper invoice.

I bought it over the phone

Was it a business to business transaction?

No, it was a personal transaction…

Would there be a difference if it was business to business?

I know very little about the subject but I believe an invoice is only legally required for business to business transactions i.e. you and the seller are both registered for VAT, otherwise you should just be getting a receipt.