Shame - Basingstoke Motorcycles

MOT and servicing place on one of the Basingstoke industrial estates. Thought they seemed a decent enough outfit so took my VFR there for its MOT in November of last year. The exhaust was blowing and I had snapped one of the bolts off in the head, and asked them to sort it. BIG MISTAKE.

I have now found out what they have done. They have replaced the exhaust studs with bolts and washers. Absolute fucking cowboys. And what’s more, when I took the fairing off today, I noticed a whole load of bolts missing, including all the plastic clips to hold the fucking thing in place before bolting it. To be fair to them, they were going through a few problems as one of the partners in the business had split because of an issue with another bike that they worked on where they ended up with quite a big bill for sorting out someone’s engine after it had luinched itself (not sure how, all I know is that an ex BSB mechanic was involved), but to not even be able to work out which bolts go where on a fucking fairing? Un-fucking-believable.

The bill was not as bad as I was expecting, and I now know why.