Shame - Aye-Gee Motorcycles 211-219 Bellgrove Road Welling Kent

Hi folks…

this seems the right place for this…

I was half way through a 18 country ride on a Suzuki Intruder 800 that I had bought at Ayegee’s in Welling.

I made it over 3,000 miles all the way to the Black Sea by B-road across France, Belgium, Germany, (then all of Bavaria in the south) back up to Munich and across Austrian mountains length ways, into, all over and across Hungary, then zig zagged through the entire Romanian countryside including 4 days in Transylvania even staying by Castle Dracula and visiting the house where Vlad Dracule (Dracula or Vlad the Impaler) was born in the village of Sigishoura which was utterly astounding! Quite a spooky place I have to admit. Then I headed south and was about to cross border into Bulgaria when my bike died on me… [Sad]

The electrics had started failing.

I called the RAC and they sent their mechanic to come look at the bike. and what was found was a little disturbing.

The bike basically screwed up because not one single service that I had done at my Suzuki dealers at Ayegee’s where I also bought the bike was carried out properly. So all my electrical cabling throughout the bike (still under warranty) had somehow rotted, cracked and decayed, was broken in various places and all contact points and connections and all corroded hence the constant electrical failures I was experiencing.

This should have been at least noticed, pointed out and dealt with at any single service as the bike is still under warranty. . In 5 different services by these so called authorized Suzuki dealers and mechanics that I paid for and received service stamps this was utterly ignored and washed over. I mean they wired several Sat Navs into my electrical system so saw the electric exposed many times with the tank off etc. Bolts were also missing, panels not secured properly, electrical wiring held together with cheap sticky tape. Considering we have spent maybe in the last year and a half just short of maybe £16,000 in that store this is really poor treatment indeed.

Because of this unprofessional neglect my bike now with no functioning indicators was illegal to ride. It had t be shipped by the RAC back to the UK and I had to fly home. My long bike ride ruined…

That’s not all…

I was also sold a GARMIN ZUMO sat nav by the same store. This sat nav failed on me while in Poland the year before and I had to abort another bike ride to come home with the help of a little toy compass that cost 50p.

When I did make it back to London I plugged that GARMIN ZUMO into the laptop to register it with the Garmin site for updates and low and behold I was told by the Garmin website and Garmin staff that I called to query it that it had already been registered over a year before by some guy from Scandinavia. I received documentation on these facts as from the Garmin website as ‘Jim’ Ayegee’s owner who persnally sold it to me seemed surprised as I was and wanted to see the evidence of the registration. I gave the printed proof to my brother to pass on to Jim. But when my brother took the documentation to in Jim had no interest in seeing it at all. A sure sign that he/they knew exactly was the situation was. It has taken me a while to wake up to all of this. I have had maybe 3 different Garmin Zumo’s from Ayegee’s… strangely they all failed within a few weeks or months after purchase. After trying maybe 3 or 4, I was eventually given a refund of £400 that I had paid. In the end I went to BMW in Battersea and got another one… in eight months it has never failed me. I wonder why…

So… I was knowingly sold a second hand and faulty returned GAMIN ZUMOS that was over a year and a half old as brand new in this same store!

That store is called:

Aye-Gee Motorcycles 211-219 Bellgrove Road Welling Kent DA16 3RQ

I will never do business with them again. Especially since new very rude and arrogant individual by the name of ‘Andy’ has started working there. He even tried to say that after I got a rear end knock from a car, that that was the cause of the electrics in my bike rotting and fracturing and decaying and corroding and to be neglected So hence somehow it was all my fault. Never heard such insulting bull***t in ll my life. He forgets I am a trained network engineer and know all about the circumstances of cable deterioration and damage.

I am also disappointed in the man that Knowingly sold and charged me as brand new the dodgy Garmin Sat Nav that was obviously a faulty reconditioned return … the store owner him self “Jim”

I called Suzuki about all of this and they are presently looking into it. I have not yet had the promised call back from them… it seems as soon as you part with your cash these people don’t give a dam about you or your bike in all honesty.

This store and it’s servicing department have single handedly made me want to get rid of my Suzuki as fast as possible. I will never buy another Suzuki bike or product again…

I am a confirmed BMW rider now

So you rode all the way to Bulgaria then had to get the bike shipped back to the UK because the indicators were faulty?

Did you not think about using hand signals and riding back :smiley:

I had £500 of damage done by them when i put my bike in for a service (holed radiator) . nothing was said about the damage and i only noticed when putting the bike under its cover,when i phoned them about the damage they reply i got was " if it ain’t leaking whats the problem",nice customer service ,i do all my own servicing now ,where possible even if the bikes in warranty ,fed up paying £300 for the privilege of getting a damaged bike back.

I did a lot of riding at night… and without working indicators my insurance would be instantly invalid in the case of any accident. And hey. riding in some of these places you really don’t want to be without proper lights…

I could have had the electrical problems fixed out there but it would have mean re-wiring half the bike and waiting 2 weeks there to have it done.

I think not… Ayegee Motorcycles namely Jim and his crew have cause the ruin of 2 long Europeans trips.

Sod Ayegee… sod Suzuki… this is what I ride now…

I’m not sure you can blame Aye-Gee for the wiring problems - that’s down to the manufacturer.

They do sound crap - but bike wiring often does go to rat sh1t after a period of time. . .

especially Suzukis…

Is that the adventure, nice

should be replacing my VFR with one next year and that sounds like a very good trip. I did one to Russia last year with a couple of other members, it would be good to meet up and swap war stories. Do you get down to the LB meet at Borough?

Sorry for thread highjacking should know better

its always a shame when you don’t get the service you expect and I hope that you get it sorted.
thanks for your thoughts on this dealer

Yep - my Bandit and SV thou both developed electrical faults some of them resulting in total leccy failure because of crappy old looms. . .

Weirdly, though, my Slingshot’s electrics were fine.
Unfortunately, the supposedly bombproof angine wasn’t Dave-proof and went pop on me, necessitating a replacement.

True, but if during a service it is obvious that it beginning to deteriorate, then surely they would let you know or do something about? Ignoring a potential problem is not good customer service.

When I had the MOT done, it was pointed out the brake pads at the rear probably wouldn’t make it to the next service.

It’s difficult/impossible to tell if an electrical system is going fail in say 500 miles time because of the nature of the components - unless it’s an obvious developing problem - like the loom rubbing up against the headstock and wearing itself away.

Unfortunately you only tend to find you have a problem when it actually occurs.

Did you not think to check your bike over yourself before going on such a long trip? The problems must have been already there before you set off, sounds like contributory negligence to me. Hope you have your facts straight cus if you aint, expect a call from Aye Gee’s legal bods.

So you aborted your first trip because your Garmin went pop? How did people get around before satnavs?:w00t:

I think its a bit harsh to blame the shop for corroded and frayed wiring, perhaps they should have noticed it but then again so should you if you had prepared fthe bike or such a long trek.

What Chunky said, just asking for trouble if you dont have a scooby what state your rides in before you go long haul.
Every bike has problems the GSA will be no exception.

Chunky, to be fair to the guy he didn’t actually say he didn’t check his bike before he left.

I think he was making the reasonable point that the garage, having worked on the bike’s electrics should have left them in a servicable state.

I’ve owned many bikes over the years and have never seen “check wiring condition” on any service schedule, have you?

I just LOL at the man who went all the way to europe, had his sat nav fail and then come home tail between legs because maps obveously dont exist or work…

+1:):hehe: Don’t think i would go on one of his trips:)

yea, had that with my SV, was cutting out because where the wiring from the ignition joined the autochoke/fuel injection, was burned out. Got it sorted by SV pro Baz at FWR. Just wear and tear I think, just quite inconvenient when it actually happens!